9 Ridiculous Things That Happened at Tyga’s Son’s Birthday

Over the weekend, King Cairo, the spawn of Tyga and Blac Chyna’s ill-fated union, turned four and Tyga decided this was the perfect opportunity to show the world he’s not just a sometimes-rapper with constant money problems, but he’s also a father who tries way too hard to prove to the rest of the world that he loves his child.

Thankfully for us, Kylie Snapchatted the ENTIRE THING for our personal amusement.

Here are the 9 most ridiculous things that went down.

1. Kylie Snapchatted the entire thing

Not only did Kylie spend a day at a birthday party for a child, but it was also the birthday party for a child of the man she’s dating. This might as well be a horror movie as far as most 19-year-olds are concerned, but Kylie was delighted enough to share the entire thing with the world.

2. She wore an ACE bandage to it


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

At least, it looks like an ACE bandage. Hope your cheer camp injury heals in time for homecoming, Kylez!

3. There was a ferris wheel

Kris Jenner was spotted riding it at least twice.

4. Elaborate table decorations

What are the odds that the kids in attendance even noticed these?

5. And a giant bouncy trampoline thing that 100% does not seem safe for children

Isn’t Tyga supposed to be broke? How’s he paying for this?

Oooooooooh. That explains it.

6. Tyga literally put King on a pedestal when it was time to sing Happy Birthday

7. Almost the ENTIRE Kardashian clan was there

Kylie and Kendall were there.

So was Caitlyn.

Kris too.

North was in the building, without her mother or father, sadly.

And even Kourtney stopped by.

Since when is Tyga a “member of the family”? What’s next? Is that promise ring on Kylie’s finger about to become a wedding ring?

8. Kylie made sure to take a moment out of the festivities to have small adorable children plug her lip kits for her

9. Kylie and Tyga ended the day by changing into matching Ferrari outfits

This birthday party was brought to you by the word “extra.”

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