Blac Chyna Just Proved the Best Social Media Strategy Is to Date Rob Kardashian

Two days ago, Blac Chyna was mainly known as Tyga’s ex-fiancée and baby mama. We were pretty sure she’d be lost in the pop culture ether for all of eternity, rarely to be heard from again except on the 2023 equivalent of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

But now, she’s popping off on every single gossip website and we have a funny feeling her Instagram and Snapchat follower accounts are ballooning. And it’s all thanks to one thing: her rumored relationship with Rob Kardashian.

Actually, to be more specific, it’s all thanks to some incredibly deft social media maneuvering. Who even knows if their relationship is fake? It doesn’t matter as long as gossip sites are reporting it like it’s real.

It all started with a photo she posted of her dimple-piercing’d face nestled into the reclusive Rob’s elbow. The internet has taken that one pic and run wild with it.

The beginning ☘

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Since then, Rob has also gotten in on the fun. The perpetual troll posted a photo of Blac Chyna with a baby seat, captioned by a third party who thinks she’s now pregnant with his baby.


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It also appears these star-crossed lovers have claimed the green shamrock emoji as their own. St. Patrick’s Day will never be the same.

After the success that came from posting these Instas, Chyna is also showing her Snapchat some love. According to TMZ, she also just posted a series of Snaps with the reality TV scion. They’re working out together. He’s wearing Yeezys. She’s not.

Before TMZ reported that story, chances are you’d never even wondered if Blac Chyna had a Snapchat presence. And now what? You added her, didn’t you? Don’t lie.

Girl’s follower counts must be ballooning. And with that, she’ll get many more opportunities to do product placements and media appearances. All she had to do was take a couple of Instagrams and Snaps of Rob Kardashian’s limbs! Not even his face. Ugh.

And make no mistake: she has not missed this opportunity to monetize. She’s gently reminded followers with two posts over the past several days that we can toooooootally buy some of her lip glosses if we want, just hypothetically. Especially since a certain someone else’s are all sold out.

This isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from Blac Chyna and Rob. And hey, maybe with just a few more strategic TMZ posts, she’ll be able to finally take her booking info out of her Instagram bio.

Lashed Liquid Lipsticks are now Restocked @lashedbyblacchyna

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