7 Texts a True F*ckgirl Would Never Respond To

Some girls will get excited at any text message from a dude they’re feeling, even if it’s just an emoji or even a dick pic.

Fuckgirls, on the other hand, don’t have time for a dude’s weak-ass texting game. Besides, they have 10 other dudes on their roster waiting to take the first round pick. If a guy says some dumb shit over text, a fuckgirl is already moving onto the next, she doesn’t even bother sending a gun or hand emoji to seal the deal.

1. “Come cuddle”

A fuckgirl does not like to cuddle unless it’s with a stack of 100 dollar bills. Seriously. Even if she does like to cuddle, she’s smart enough to know that a dude’s idea of “cuddling” in this scenario is him fondling her tits and pressing his half-chub against her thigh. She’ll pass.

2. “I miss you”

If a fuckgirl receives an “I miss you” text, it’s probably from a guy she ghosted, a dude who she hasn’t heard from in weeks, or her ex. None of them deserve a response. Sure, she could try to be nice and say she misses him too for the hell of it, but a fuck girl doesn’t believe in being fake, especially when it comes to a dude’s big ego.

3. “I don’t wanna be official or anything, but we should be exclusive”

A normal girl may think that it’s exciting that a guy wants to be exclusive with her and be happy he’s finally showing some form of emotion, a fuckgirl knows better. Being exclusive is a baby step for a man child. If a dude really wanted a relationship, he’d get one. To him, being exclusive means that he doesn’t have to worry about you hooking up with other dudes, but if he wants to fuck someone else he won’t feel as bad because you’re not technically his girlfriend. A fuckgirl will save herself the anxiety and say “no thanks.”

4. *insert dick pic here*

It doesn’t matter if a dick pic comes from a guy you’re talking to or a rando from Bumble, a unsolicited dick pic is still an unsolicited dick, and a true fuckgirl knows that a random nude (and a badly lit one at that) doesn’t deserve a response unless she wants to give one, and she’ll only want to give one if that dick looks really nice, which it probably doesn’t.

5. “Hey”

A fuckgirl doesn’t care if this lone “hey” is coming from Prince Charming. If he wants to say something, he’ll say it. This isn’t a AIM conversation from 2007, you don’t need to exchange 10 meaningless text messages before getting to the good part. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

6. “Hey, who’s this?”

If you don’t know who this is, why are you texting me? It’s way more likely that you do know who this is and you’re trying to play it cool, but instead of looking nonchalant, you look like you’re trying way too fucking hard.

7. “We should hang soon”

Maybe, maybe if you set a date, time, and place, we could actually “hang.” But this vague bullshit is not ever going to get you anywhere. A fuckgirl has enough dudes making actual plans and doesn’t need to pay any mind to the dude who can’t be assertive and make moves.

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