6 Non-Boring Ways To Hide Your Thanksgiving Food Baby

Dressing for family holiday events is tough, dressing for Thanksgiving is even more difficult.

It’s one thing to find a family-appropriate outfit, and it’s another to find one that won’t make you freeze to death in case you need to do an outdoor family photo.

But the real concern that should be driving your Thanksgiving outfit choice is if your attire will cover your post-dinner food baby.

Even if you’re normally gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free, Thanksgiving is the one time to YOLO, which will probs result in some major bloating. But don’t worry, we’ve picked out pieces that are fam-appropriate, stylish, and roomy for your impending food baby.

1. This Trifecta

It’s black, it’s non-form fitting, and it’s conservative so that your grandma won’t call you a harlot. Not to mention that it’s a cashmere mix, so basically a built-in blanket for the nap you’re going to need afterward. Honestly, what more could you want?

2. The “I’m Still Hot With a Food Baby”

If your boo is coming to Thanksgiving dinner and you still want to look hot without wearing something tight on the mid-section, here’s your look. Just enough shoulder to be sexy-not-skanky, and just enough give on the tummy to mask the hordes of cranberry sauce you shoved in your face.

3. Kind of Like Sweatpants, But Fancy

For obvious reasons, don’t wear a top like the one shown on the model. Instead, wear a flowy top like the ones on this list. If you wear it over the pants, you can unbutton your fly with nobody realizing. If you tuck it in, the pants are still high and loose enough to cover the impending food baby. Plus, they look fancy!

4. Wild Thang, Food Makes My Heart Sing

Conservative and oversized doesn’t have to mean boring. For those of us who like to be the life of the party (or dinner table, in this case), but also like to eat like there’s no tomorrow, there’s this dress.

5. The “I’m Festive, But Fucking Hungry”

This dress says, “I’m festive, but I’ll also finish the entire pan of stuffing like it’s nobodies business.”

6. The High Fashion Foodie

Sometimes you still need to look extra chic, even when you have three pounds of turkey in your stomach. This top takes on the classic white shirt with a twist, and it’s perfect for untucking after the feast.

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