Kim Kardashian Came Out As A Spice Girls Fan This Thanksgiving

While I spent this Thanksgiving in bed with a raging fever and was therefore thankful about very little, the celebrities in my life were significantly luckier and therefore thankful AF. 

Gigi Hadid was thankful for a lot, including the little tiny really fast steps the marching band in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade take, the latte her mom just made her, and the fact that she has the best family ever:

Justin Bieber was thankful for his new iphone camera:   justin_bieber_thanksgiving_galore_mag so he can take better selfies:   justin_bieber_thanksgiving_2_galore_mag Kylie Jenner was thankful for her blended family:   kylie_jenner_thanksgiving_galore_mag And also for selfies:   kylie_jenner_thanksgiving_selfies_galore_mag caption: “bout to tear this dinner up”    Katy Perry was thankful her face doesn’t look like this anymore:   katy_perry_thanksgiving_galore_mag Kim Kardashian was thankful there was still a time when she could fit into a little black Gucci dress: kim_kardashian_thanksgiving_galore_mag Miley Cyrus was thankful for the fact that even though we all get older, some things never change:   miley_cyrus_thanksgiving_galore_mag And also avocados:   miley_cyrus_thanksgiving_two_galore_mag Jimmy Fallon was thankful for the fact that Rashida Jones is always down to turn popular songs into Thanksgiving songs: 

Highlights include: “Bitch Better Have My Stuffing”, “Watch Me Whip The Mash Potatoes” and “I Can’t Celebrate ‘Cause I’m a Jew”.   And Blake Shelton was thankful that he has Adam Levine in his life to make fun of:

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