17 Girls Tell Us When They Knew They Caught Feelings

Girls and guys catch feelings in different ways, there’s no doubt about that.

But before you make assumptions based on antiquated gender roles, take a look at the information we’ve gathered from real, young adults who’ve caught feelings just like you.

Girls may be made of sugar and spice, but that doesn’t mean we don’t fall head over heels after getting some good dick. And boys might play the tough-emotionless-guy role really well, but that doesn’t mean they’re not suckers for some OG romantic gestures.

We asked 17 girls when they knew that they were catching feelings. Here’s what they said:

1. So Romantic

“When I saw his cock.”

2. Girl’s Best Friend

“When my dog died and he was the first person I wanted to talk to outside of my family.”

3. Was It Dick Pics?

“When I would smile every time he texted me.”

4. Read Receipts

“When I started caring about the fact that he ignored me. At first I didn’t care whether he read my messages or not. I didn’t even check. I’m the world’s worst texter, so I’m really just not aware of what goes on with my phone. But when I found myself checking getting pissed about the fact that he was not replying, I knew I had caught something… and it wasn’t the flu.”

5. But What About The Gang Bangs?

“I started masturbating to romantic ‘for women’ porn instead of gang bangs.”

6. Hook-Up Etiquette

“When you found yourself actually caring about what he said when you asked about his day and it’s not just because you were trying to be polite after hooking up.”

7. With The Soda On The Side

“He wanted to bring me soup when I was sick.”

8. Meet The Parents

“I told this guy I was seeing that I didn’t want to meet his whole family at his Christmas party because I haven’t done that with anyone before and I was uncomfortable with the idea. He just held me and said, ‘You go outside your comfort zone for the people you care about.’ At that point I knew I was falling for him.”

9. Hangry

“When I stopped feeling hungry and I was smiling randomly.”

10. The Tell Tale Sign

“When I realized that I wanted to hook up with him sober instead of drunk.”

11. I Just Had Sex

“When we had the best sex ever.”

12. Spontaneity Is Key

“When I realized that I didn’t care about the consequences of my actions or following a ‘timeline,’ but I just followed my heart in the moment. He made me feel spontaneous and that’s how I knew I liked him.”

13. Fair Enough

“When I realized his dick was made by God’s hands, himself.”

14. Way With Words

“When he said, ‘As long I’m around you’ll always have someone to tell you you’re beautiful and will always have someone to lay it down right.'”

15. Aunt Flo’s Unexpected Visit

“When I got my period all over his bed and he didn’t freak out and was super nice about it.”

16. Dickity Doo Dah

“When I didn’t want him boinking other girls. That dicky-doo-dah belonged to me.”

17. Retired Party Girl

“I knew I was catching feelings when I realized that I would rather stay in on the weekend and hang out with him rather than blackout in a frat basement.”

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