5 Mistakes Not To Make When Meeting Your Man’s Parents

As if you didn’t have to worry enough about gifts this holiday season, you now have the pleasure (or horror) of meeting your man’s folks. While you appreciate the gesture of him wanting to introduce you to his family, you dread the awkward small-talk and the silent judging that will take place. So, how do you win his family over and convince them that he’s found a good girl instead of leaving them muttering disapproving remarks behind your back? These five steps cover all of the bases:

1. Arriving Empty Handed

It’s very likely that you’re meeting your boo’s parents by going over to his house for the holidays. Whether you’re staying for a day or a weekend, you should bring a little gift to show your appreciation for them hosting you. Ideally, find out from your boo what would be the best gift (you don’t want to bring a bottle of wine only to find out that his parents don’t drink). Wine, flowers, some form of dessert, and coffee table books are all good places to start.

2. Dressing For The Club

Your man already thinks you’re sexy, you don’t need to make anyone else in his family want to fuck you. You don’t have to find a nun habit or floor length gown to wear, but it’s better to appear a little too conservative rather than appearing skanky.

3. Snapchatting Your Life Away

It may not be rude to spend dinner with your girlfriends pouring over Instagram on your Iphone, but it is rude to your man’s parents (or any of his family members, for that matter). Who do you really need to be texting, anyways? Try to put your phone in your bag for the majority of the time that you’re with your man’s family. Not only will you save yourself from looking rude, you’ll be forced to engage in conversation rather than hiding away in your Twitter feed.

4. Getting Caught In The Act

We know, we know, you and your lover probably want to get it on every two seconds. But, please try to refrain from straddling him until his family has left the premises. Even if you’re not planning on actually fucking him at his parents house, it’s still best to find out what type of PDA is normal in your man’s household. While your family might think it’s totally normal for you to rub your dude’s thigh at dinner, his family might think it’s wildly inappropriate. Even if you forget to ask him what type of touching is okay, just follow his lead. There’s no reason for you to start kissing on him before brunch with his relatives unless he says so.

5. Drinking Like It’s NYE

Save your tequila shots and blackout for NYE, not Christmas dinner with your boyfriend’s family. If you’re over 21 it’s very likely that your boo’s family will be serving drinks to you. Hell, maybe his family is taking shots. If they’re big drinkers, that’s awesome and you should feel free to join in. However, make sure you’re keeping track of how many drinks you’ve had and watching your pace. You don’t want to embarrassingly start shouting out things that aren’t appropriate for a family gathering, or worse, be known as the girlfriend who puked on Christmas morning.

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