Hailee Steinfeld Just Released A Radio-Friendly Song About Masturbation

Talking about masturbation with women can be weird. Even though by your twenties most everyone you know is comfortable enough with themselves to talk about it, you’re always going to have one friend who says it’s just not for her. Usually this will be either your incredibly inhibited friend or your gal pal most likely to flash a stranger at the bar and go home with him thirty minutes later. People don’t masturbate for a variety of reasons. However, if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on a world of pleasure. Literally.

You know who else loves masturbation?  Hailee Steinfeld, who at 18-years-old already has an Academy Award Nomination under her belt AND got to star in Pitch Perfect 2.  Some bitches just have all the luck.

Her new single, aptly titled “Love Myself” is a upbeat, sugary pop single about knowing how to satisfy yourself cleverly disguised as a female empowerment anthem.  Although, come to think of it, from a young woman’s perspective, there are few things more empowering than uncovering the mystery that is your vagina and then really owning it.  Maybe Steinfeld is on to something.

Over and over throughout the song, Steinfeld reinforces the notion that she can please herself “without you”.  While the “you” in question is never clarified, it’s clear that she’s not over him (or her) yet.  However, instead of crying about it, she chooses to “put my body first” and “love me so hard til it hurts” literally “anytime day or night.”  Amen.

When you’re younger, having a boyfriend can seem like the only thing that matters.  But when he leaves you, even though it hurts, you’ll always have yourself.  Since she’s only 18, Hailee Steinfeld has a unique position of being a role model for teens and tweens across the nation.  Instead of force-feeding them romantic notions of how sweet love can be, she’s letting them know how that sometimes you have to take matters into your hands and scream your own name for a change.

Talk about being a positive role model.



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