Wait, Guys Don’t Care If Chicks Are Funny? What a Surprise!

If guys were polled anonymously on what quality they look for most in a girl, it wouldn’t surprise us if the top choice was “hot.” While us ladies try to be less shallow and take into consideration a guy’s sense of humor, loyalty, and manners when accessing if he’s bae material, many guys seem to have forgotten that you’re really not supposed to judge a book by its cover.

While girls seem to live by the motto “if a guy can make you laugh, he can make you do anything,” guys seem to be the complete opposite. In fact, most guys live and die by the statement that “hot chicks can’t be funny.” Hm… that’s weird, we didn’t realize that your sense of humor had anything to do with your physical appearance? Maybe guys are too in love with chicks pretending to laugh at their jokes and don’t want any competition?

Regardless, a recent study proves that what we thought about guys being shallow is completely true. While us ladies tend to get more and more into a guy the more he makes us laugh, our witty jokes won’t change our chances of getting laid whatsoever.

In the study, 51 pairs of single heterosexual undergrads were set up on blind dates. The pairs were each given a set of prompts to begin the conversation from, and then each person was asked to rank their interest in their date afterwards.

In the women surveyed, it was found that the more they laughed during the conversation with their date, the more likely they were to rank them higher. For the men who laughed at the women’s jokes? The female’s ability to make the dude laugh didn’t change his perspective on her at all.

However, the researchers partially blamed our societies gender roles for the findings in the study. “Perhaps…flirting by joking around by males is particularly attractive to traditional females, and female serving as a responsive audience are most attractive to traditional males.”

Maybe if you want to start using your hilarious knock-knock jokes to get laid you need to defy gender roles? Or maybe the reason guys don’t like a chick who can out-joke them is because their ego will be bruised? Either way, don’t give away your fake laugh so easily next time…make that dude work for it!


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