Donating to Planned Parenthood for Mike Pence Is Shady Perfection

If Wednesday was reserved for mourning, Thursday seemed to be reserved for posting a opinionated social media status and vowing to unfriend all the people who had opposing opinions.

But it’s a new week, and instead of whining or complaining, it’s time to protest in an efficient way. So now, people are donating to Planned Parenthood – but in Mike Pence’s honor.

Is it shady? Yes. Is it helpful? Definitely.

Not that you should need coaxing in order to donate to an amazing cause that will definitely need your help thanks to the incoming president and his team, but the ability to piss Pence (or his Republican cronies) off by having a “thank you” note sent to his office from Planned Parenthood is definitely a perk.

Even if you don’t donate, seeing how many people have already donated on social media will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Certain Twitter users warn us to ensure that you donate “in honor of” Mike Pence, and not actually as Mike Pence, because then he might be able to claim the donations as tax deductions. But according to Turbotax, you’ll be the one getting the tax deduction (if you choose to file it, which you should), not Pence-y pie, so don’t worry.

Yes, giving money away is hard when you’re sometimes too broke to buy Chipotle with guac, but Planned Parenthood needs you now more than ever. If you don’t have money, spend some time helping out a local charity that supports women’s healthcare or other minority groups that may be suppressed come 2017. Arguing on Facebook may be fun, but it’s not saving our country.

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