How You Can Help People Who’ll Be Screwed by Trump

Thanks to yesterday’s election, Trump is going to be our next president and at least half the country is not very stoked on that fact.

But before you consider fleeing and starting life anew like a quitter, there are things you can do to get informed on and help your fellow American who may be in more danger than you. So check out these organizations and nonprofits.


Trump also wants to ban Muslims from traveling to the country, which is discriminatory af. We can’t be certain if congress would legitimately allow for this to happen, but Trump won the election so really anything CAN happen. In case it does, here’s how you can get involved to help those people:

Muslim Relief

If Trump stays true to his word, the Muslims here will ned to find a resource that can save them. Luckily, Muslim Relief offers their services worldwide for those in the Islamic faith who need Emergency Response, Healthcare, education, livelihood, water, and living essentials for the Islamic community overseas. Even though it’s not happening here, it’s still happening and you can do your part.

Afghan American Muslim Outreach

This organization has dedicated themselves to the Islamic community to serve through social activism, and fostering the Muslim identity through future generations. Donate here to show your support.


Trump has strong opinions on women… in general. Whether it’s about grabbing them by the pussy or how attractive he finds his daughter, we can all agree all of his thoughts on women are deeply inappropriate. Trump has said he wants to ban abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and danger to the life of a mother, and this goes hand-in-hand with him getting rid of the ACA because it had coverage on birth control for women. So it’s like if you can’t afford to prevent getting pregnant, there’s nothing you can do to prevent from being a new mommy, yay. Whether you’re a woman or a man, Trump’s views on women have a colossal impact in our country for the years to come.


Planned Parenthood 

Planned Parenthood is the poster-child for being an easy resource for women who have nowhere else to turn to. The best way to help is to  donate  to help keep these places open nationwide, despite Trump’s efforts to shut them down. Call 1800-230-7536 for more information.

Women’s Employment Network

WEN mission is to change Women’s lives to earn a brighter future for themselves. They work hard to give women career exploration options, job search assistance, graduate programs, financial coaching, and credit building.  You can do your part by donating or volunteering to help other women, you can share your expertise, help around the office, volunteer at events, or work from home as phone support.

For more information, you can call 816-822-8083.

Hispanics/Latinos & Immigrants

May I remind you the Trump wanted to build a wall that separated Mexico and the U.S (and wanted Mexico to pay for it) and has also talked about tightening many immigration laws. Not to mention all the other immigrants in the U.S who’ve come for a better life here than in their home country.

A Grain of Hope Foundation Inc

This non-profit public charity serves to help those suffering in poverty and the underprivileged. They provide basic human needs to all and their mission to help those escape poverty. They work on projects like ClassZoom for education programs to give students school supplies. The best way to help them is to donate.

American Immigration Lawyers Association 

AILA works to increase member participation in advocacy  before Congress, the US Government, Federal Agencies, and anything in relation to immigrants. Their goal is to obtain justice and fairness for all, and reasonable immigration laws. To get involved, you can check out AILA and become a member.

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