Stories by Daniella Saldana

  1. 15 struggles of having to work on Thanksgiving

    For those who are lucky enough to get Thanksgiving off, good for you. For those who have to work Thanksgiving because those people got time off, I feeeel for you. Having to sacrifice your participation on America’s beloved feasting day is a huge bummer. But it’s nice to know that you’re not alone and there

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  2. 8 Rules for Cold, Bold Chicago Fashion

    If there are two words to describe Chicago, they’re cold and bold. Chicago might not be known for its fashion. But during the year I lived in that city, I had learned that people were always bold. Bold attitudes, bold fashion statements, bold choices. The best way to ensure you’re pulling off the essence of Chicago culture:

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  3. beyonce-crying-galore-mag

    How You Can Help People Who’ll Be Screwed by Trump

    Thanks to yesterday’s election, Trump is going to be our next president and at least half the country is not very stoked on that fact. But before you consider fleeing and starting life anew like a quitter, there are things you can do to get informed on and help your fellow American who may be in more danger

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