15 struggles of having to work on Thanksgiving

For those who are lucky enough to get Thanksgiving off, good for you. For those who have to work Thanksgiving because those people got time off, I feeeel for you. Having to sacrifice your participation on America’s beloved feasting day is a huge bummer.

But it’s nice to know that you’re not alone and there are many out there who share your struggles. The holiday season is typically nerve-wracking for everyone and it’s the time of year when people become shopping animals.

For your safety, beware animalistic holiday shoppers; they grow stronger every year.

1. You have to work on Thanksgiving, leaving your festivities early af to get to work.

Just as your family is getting ready to sit down at the table to enjoy that bomb as meal, you are walking out the door adjusting your name tag on your way to your own personal hell.

2. Or you have to work on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving day at most places is very important due to the fact that everyone is in preparing for Black Friday, one of the most dangerous days of the year for a retail workers. Beware trampling customers.

3. You become a zombie that whole weekend because they schedule you every single day without time to catch up on much-needed sleep.

Though they usually require everyone to work the holiday shifts, there still seems to be too many hours to go around and not enough people to cover them. Leaving you to have a break in between your shift, just to come back  in 6 hours.

4. Coming in at odd hours on Thanksgiving to prepare for Black Friday.

You leave your house at 6 p.m. to get out at 2 a.m., then go back to work at 8 a.m. for that insane morning rush.

5. People consider you to be a therapist and start telling you their whole life story as to why they’re at your job on Thanksgiving.

The ones who don’t have plans on Thanksgiving are the reason why places are even open on this holiday. Typically when they find themselves at your job, it hits them that they’re sad to be out and about on Thanksgiving. And assuming because you’re at work you’re facing the same issues they are and you have nothing better to do than to hear this customer vent and pour his soul onto you, a simple employee trying to do their job but not be rude.

6. For a majority of the day, your job is dead cause everyone is at home enjoying Thanksgiving (where you should be), so you don’t have much to do but you’re required to be there anyway.

If you’re lucky to avoid the graveyard shift, then you have a slight advantage working during the day. There’s absolutely nothing to do after you’ve done everything that needed to get done. Til then you’re waiting to clock out and hopefully get home in time to join your family.

7. Customers banging on the door before opening hours and after closing hours.

Because of Thanksgiving, some places change their hours to accommodate the masses, but people STILL insist on being let in when the doors are clearly locked for a reason: it’s not opening time yet! Same goes for when you’re literally seconds away from closing up when that one person decides to come inside…just to not buy anything!

8.Scrambling to find a place to nap on your half hour break.

There aren’t enough power naps in the day to get you through this miserable shift.

9. When you assist a customer the literally best you can but they still ask to speak with a manager when it’s not even that serious

There are just some customers who can’t be helped. Even if you’re being helpful to the most of your power and you’ve tolerated their disgusting attitude, they STILL want to speak to the manager. Only to have your manager repeat to them what you’ve just old them. Store policies exist for a reason.

10. Being understaffed cause everyone called out months in advance

Most bosses make it a requirement to have everyone working the holiday, but there are still those mofos who somehow got that time off. And for that there are extra hours that need to be covered, that’s where you come in.

11. Holiday music on replay for your whole nine-hour shift

If I hear Justin Beiber’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” one more friggin time, I’ll lose it. Same goes for Mariah Carey’s original version.

12. Dealing with people who want to buy everything with coupons

Bargain Hunters come alive during this season. These are the type of people that will take the longest at the register, use expired coupons, and expect for you to somehow give them a discount on things. As if you have the power.

13. You miss out on all the poppin’ holiday deals because you’re working the entire time these sales are going on.

Say bye to Urban Outiffters rare 50% Black Friday deal. Say goodbye to all the potential shoes and clothes that would’ve been yours if you weren’t working. Maybe next year.

14. People not tipping as well as they should 

You’d think people would be more giving on Thanksgiving…

15. Coming home to find that your family didn’t save you any food because they ate it all.

Because you weren’t there to claim your share, your family has taken it upon themselves to decide that you probably didn’t want food anyway because you were away at work. Little did they know that food was your motivation to getting through your shift.

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