Francesca Reale Plays the Only Normal Person in Miranda Sings’ Crazy World

If you haven’t already heard, one of  Netflix’s newest original series, “Haters Back Off,” has gained insane popularity. A continuation from Miranda Sings’ offbeat Youtube Channel, it expands on her path to fame, her insane adventures, and a new family.

We got the chance to speak to one of the stars of the show, Francesca Reale, who plays Emily, Miranda’s level-headed sister in the series.


So you’re a new character in Miranda Sings’ world in the new show “Haters Back Off,” were you familiar with Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube channel before you started the show or did you jump into it?

Of course, I knew of Miranda Sings and Colleen but I would not consider myself super familiar with the world. When I started auditioning for the role of Emily I thought it would be better not to look too much into Miranda’s YouTube presence because I didn’t think that would be something Emily would do. So my first day of work on set, shooting the breakfast scene with the family, was my official dive into the world of Miranda!

How do you relate to your character, being the sister of such an eccentric character, and the only sane one in such a quirky family?

I am a younger sister, just like Emily, so it’s really easy to relate to her on that level. I can very easily understand why she is so protective of Miranda because I am just as protective of my own brother. I would love to be able to say I relate to being the only sane member of my family but interestingly enough, in reality, my family is saner than me!

How do you feel about the success of the show? Did you expect the show to gain so much popularity?

It was hard for me to have an expectation as far as the shows popularity. It’s my first job, so obviously I hoped it would be as popular as it is but I was more in the realm of consistent excitement from working with all these fantastic people. Overall, I am ecstatic about the show’s success and all the positive reviews I have seen. I don’t know who wouldn’t be.



What makes “Haters Back Off” different from other quirky comedy shows?

I think what really makes Haters Back Off different from other quirky comedies is that it has a character and a story everyone, no matter how old or young and no matter where you come from, can relate to. I think that’s most unique quality, it’s definitely why I love the show so much.

What’s your favorite thing about working on the show?

The people. I have heard so many horror stories about working on shows or movies where the actors and the directors and the crew all hate each other. Then everyone hates going to work every day (and the TV and Film work days are long). I am so unbelievably fortunate that everyone I got to work with I can now call some of my closest friends, practically family. They made going to work every day the most enjoyable thing.

Can the fans of the show expect a second season in the future?

I really really hope so!

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