You Might Want To Get Yourself An IUD ASAP

If you woke up feeling sick today because of the election, you’re not alone. But instead of wallowing in despair and watching The Hunger Games for studying purposes, go get yourself an IUD ASAP.

You know that Trump and Pence clearly DGAF about women’s rights, and that includes birth control.

Right now, birth control pills are free under the Affordable Care Act, but Trump has said that it’s the first thing he wants to repeal when he gets into office.

If you’re currently on birth control, or even if you’re currently on nothing, your best bet right now would be to get an IUD, or Intrauterine Device. An IUD can last for the duration of Trump’s presidency, and if you get one right now it’ll likely be covered by your health insurance.

Even if Trump doesn’t follow through on his promises to be ultra-conservative and dictator-like, his vice president Mike Pence (who actually has political experience) has a history of limiting women’s healthcare. In fact, he even thinks the Hyde Amendment, which only allows for government funding to cover abortions in the case of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother, aren’t strict enough! Cool.

Basically, if you get pregnant under Trump’s presidency, you’re either going to have that baby or probably be forced to do some illegal ass shit to get rid of it.

Sure, birth control sucks and has an incredibly sexist history, but it’s better than an accidental pregnancy from a rando that can’t be stopped because of insane laws barring women’s rights to their own bodies.

Get an IUD while you still can. Or you know, just stop having sex, specifically with any dude who didn’t vote for Hillary.

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