This New IUD Is Just as Effective Without as Many Hormones

Every birth control seems to have its flaws. Some birth control will make you gain weight, some make you cry at random shit, and some are dependent on the fact that you need to remember to take a pill every day, which can be rough.

Well, a new birth control is on the block. It’s called Kyleena, and it’s an intrauterine device (otherwise known as an IUD). It’s also 99% effective, according to their clinical trails.

An IUD is never a substitute for condoms, considering that they don’t protect against STDs, but if you’re with a long-term monogamous partner, they can be a good alternative to the pill.

Kyleena won’t be available until next month, but if you’re considering going on a form of birth control or switching your current birth control, here’s what you need to know about Kyleena.

First off, Kyleena lasts for five years. If you’ve taken the pill before, you know how annoying it can be having to remember to take it at a certain time each day. Five years without really worrying about birth control probably seems crazy (in a good way) to you.

But the cool thing about Kyleena is that is has a lower dose of hormones than most long-term IUDs on the market right now. Compared to Mirena, another five year IUD, Kyleena only has 37% of the hormones. So if you don’t have super heavy periods, Kyleena would def be a better option for you than Mirena.

After the five years, you’ll probably have to get Kyleena replaced. And if you decide to take Kyleena out (with a doctor’s help, obvi), you’ll be able to get pregnant right after.

As for side effects, just because Kyleena is new doesn’t mean it’s the magic birth control you’ve been waiting for. During the clinical trial, 22% of women had to bow out of the study early due to vulvovaginitis (swelling and itching of the vagina), ovarian cysts, abdominal or pelvic pain, headaches, acne, eczema, bad cramping, breast pain, or increased bleeding, according to PRN.

Basically, as we all already knew, birth control fucks with our bodies hard.

Kyleena will also mess with your period, just like other birth control methods. For the first three to six months after getting Kyleena, your period could potentially be all over the place. But on the plus side, it might go away completely afterwards, which would be kinda dope.

Basically, just like every form of birth control, Kyleena has its pluses and minuses. While we wish there was a birth control version of the Harry Potter sorting hat, there’s not. Talk to a doctor and if you have serious side effects, change it up ASAP. Lastly, whatever birth control you’re on, remember that one of the only ways to protect against an STD is with condoms.

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