STUDY: Guys Don’t Care About STDs if Their Partner Is Hot

We’ve all heard an ignorant guy say something along the lines of, “she looks slutty, she probably has herpes or something.”

You’ve probably shaken your head, launched into a diatribe about how anyone is susceptible to STDs regardless of how they appear, and wondered what type of person would guess a woman’s chances of having an STI on looks alone.

Well, it turns out, your idiot guy friend is just one of many idiot guys that will forgo protection if they think their partner is “hot enough.”

In a recently published study, it was found that the more attractive a woman is, the less likely a man is to use a condom; regardless of if the woman has a high risk of STIs.

In the study, 51 straight men aged 19-61 were shown pictured of women’s faces and asked the following questions:

1. Please rate the attractiveness of the following woman

2. If you were single, how likely would you be to have sex with this woman should the opportunity arise?

3. If you were single and you were to have sex with this woman, how likely is it that you would use a condom?

4. How likely is this woman to have an STI?

If a guy rated a chick as attractive, he was much more likely to say he’d have sex with her without a condom, sometimes even if he viewed her as highly likely to have STDs.

But wait, this is a pretty small study, right? Maybe they just happened to survey 51 dudes who DGAF about STDs? Nah, there are actually multiple studies that contribute to these findings, and all guys seem to be equally willing to put their own safety aside in order to bang a hot chick raw.

Are we concerned? Yes. Are we surprised? Not exactly.

Leave it to dudes to think with their dicks even when completing a research study or putting themselves at risk for contracting STDs.

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