Tinder Just Added an STD Testing Feature

Judging by Tinder’s homepage full of long-term couples, the hookup app is trying to convince the world that it’s actually more like JDate or Match in disguise.

But based on the new feature it just added, it’s clear Tinder’s hornier roots are still intact.

Starting today, Tinder is now hooking users up with an STD test clinic locator on the “health and safety” section of its website.

It comes courtesy of Healthvana, a cloud-based tech company that helps clinics and patients communicate better. Healthvana handles patient intake, digital test results, and appoinrtment reminders sent to your phone — especially useful for those of us who understand phone calls are from Lucifer himself.

Of course, getting tested regularly is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship, whether it began on Tinder or otherwise.

Come to think of it, so is not getting pregnant. Tinder, if you’re taking suggestions, we’d lovvvve for you to offer birth control coupon codes built-in after every Super Like next.



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