4 Things That Happened When I Quit Birth Control

Going on the pill is like a roller coaster. All the cool kids are doing it, but you’re a bit scared to try it yourself. You’re worried about side effects, gaining weight, added hormones, etc. However, once you do go on birth control, it seems impossible to ever stop. Regardless of if you’re having unprotected sex or not, you are worried about going off the pill for the same reasons you were scared to go on–side effects.

I had enough with my birth control. I had originally gone on due to the coaxing of my long-term boyfriend three years ago, but after breaking up, I just stayed on the pill. However, it’s not like I have unprotected sex anymore (spoiler alert: I’m single as f*ck), so why was I still on the pill? If anything, I ended up lying to guys who asked if I was on the pill in order to avoid them asking to hit it raw (no herpes today, thanks).

So, after browsing some blogs, medical sites, and talking to a friend who did the same thing; I decided to go cold turkey on my birth control.

1. I Magically Had Abs

Okay, maybe this is an over-statement, but my stomach went flat in about a week. I had never thought birth control really made me gain weight, after all, I’d been on it for three years. I assumed that my growing boobs and chubbier physique was due to me getting older and drinking too much, not the pill. Yet, I noticed a difference in my weight in less than a week. Sure, it was probably one of those things that only I noticed, but it still made a difference to me. My tits definitely got smaller and more manageable.  Again, not a whole cup size or anything, but still noticeable to me. While this might be a bummer to some, it was a blessing to me because I was tired of busting out of any cute summer top and having profuse cleavage sweat.

2. I Was Even Hornier Than Usual 

Some doctors describe the effects of being on the pill as if your body thinks it’s pregnant. Therefore, it might change your sexual preferences, making you more attracted to men who would make good fathers. I’m not sure how accurately I can talk about this, because I go for idiots on or off the pill, and I’m always pretty horny. Unfortunately, going off the pill made me hornier than ever. I could hardly go an hour without thinking and/or talking about sex (thankfully, I get to write about it for a living). Since being off the pill for a bit longer, my libido has gone slightly back to normal (if it ever was normal), but I’d like to thank my vibrator for getting me through some of the tougher times.

3. My Period Got Very Confused

I went off the pill about four months ago, and my period is still not back to normal. On the plus side, my period has gone back to being about three days long, whereas on the pill it was closer to five days long. On the minus side, I went about 45 days without my period. Actually, I guess this was a plus because since I hadn’t had sex, I wasn’t worried about being pregnant. However, I can imagine the pregnancy scares that would ensue for someone who was more sexually active. Because my life is so great, my period decided to pop back into my life when I was about to have some great sex (thanks Aunt Flo). I recommend getting an app to track your period so that you don’t encounter any unexpected surprises (especially not in your new white maxi dress), I use one called Clue.

4. Other Concerns

When researching others who had gone off the pill after being on it long term, I saw some horror stories. Obviously, I have been lucky to not encounter any horrible acne, ovarian cysts, infections, etc. Besides the three things mentioned above, everything else seems to be working nicely with my body. Yes, if I do ever get another long-term boyfriend he might be a sad little boy to hear that I’m not on the pill. But isn’t it fun to let a boy pull-out and nut on your tits anyways? No? Okay, maybe get a condom instead…

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