67% Of Girls Aren’t Using Condoms During Drunk Sex

Drunk sex is by no means sexy, but we all still have it, because getting naked soberly with a stranger is awk af. In fact, a recent study showed that 80% of people actively want to get drunk before a one night stand.

Unfortunately, drunk sex can sometimes lead to bad decisions. And it’s not just who you sleep with, it’s how you sleep with them. As in, whether you use a condom or not.

67% of college aged women reported that they didn’t use protection last time they had drunk sex. And if you’re a college aged girl yourself, you know that almost everyone your age who’s having sex is probably having drunk sex.

The study confirms that most women in the study said that they had three to five drinks before the last time they had sex and that their partner was also “moderately intoxicated.”

Tinder has been blamed for the rise in STIs, but with studies like these it appears that the culprit could actually be the popularity of drunk sex. While the study didn’t touch on it, from personal experience it seems that girls think that if they’re on birth control they don’t need to bother with condoms, which clearly isn’t the case if you’re concerned at all about STIs.

C’mon guys. Sex is fun and margaritas are great, but riding a rando dick after too much tequila without being safe isn’t. Especially if you contract an STI. And yes, we know dudes can be assholes about condoms, but it’s nothing a conversation can’t fix. And if a conversation can’t get him to wrap it up, get the fuck out of there.

You don’t need to chill out on your love for champagne or your love for fucking randos off Tinder, but you do need to amp up your condom use. And if you do wake up without knowing if your partner used a condom, get tested. Sex is great for you, but don’t erase all of those health benefits by contracting a deadly disease. Besides, masturbation is always an amazing alternative.

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