POLL: How Many Guys Would Take Male Birth Control?

While some guys may disagree, men have it easy when it comes to birth control — either they wear a condom, pull out, or let the girl worry about it.

But a new form of male birth control, Vasalgel, may be here by 2017, according to The Daily Beast. This is great news for women who don’t want to take the pill. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, would guys even take it?

Galore surveyed 42 guys, and nearly 55% of them said they would take male birth control. The other 45%, naturally, had concerns about the permanence of a male birth control and insisted that it was “the girl’s job.” So, what’s the guy’s job, exactly? To get their nut and disappear?

To be fair, we did not specifically ask the guy’s about which form of birth control, but some of the guys’ answers below show that some guys refuse to be responsible for anything:

“Never knew it existed. Just depend on the girl to be on it, and then spray and pray!”

“I wouldn’t be able to remember each day.”

“I’m way too alpha and therefore my offspring are little gifts from god.”

“Isn’t that what ‘my pullout game strong’ is for?”

“It’s the girl’s problem.”

Ladies, we wish we could tell you which guys said these things so that you could make sure not to ever have sex with them, but unfortunately this survey was done anonymously. However, there are still some keepers who said they’d be totally down to take responsibility for their own sperm:

“I recognized that many of the goals I have set for myself will not be achievable if I have a child beforehand. I do not wish to bring a child into this world until I have experienced enough of it to truly guide them through it.”

“[I’d rather] take the bullets out of the gun rather than wear a bullet proof vest.”

“As long as there were no side effects, it’d be totally fine. Condoms aren’t fun, but I’m not [trying to] become a baby daddy.”

Speaking of side effects: some of these comments make you wonder if guys realize that nearly every form of hormonal female birth control comes with side effects, from rapid weight gain to uncontrollable emotions.

Instead of being a pill of hormones you take every day, Vasalgel is a one-time injection that is easily reversible, according to its manufacturers. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are not too pleased with Vasalgel, as a one-time injection for men makes much less money than a monthly birth control prescription for women. Because of this, the makers of Vasalgel are hoping for crowd-funding and donations in order to make their product a reality.

Perhaps once Vasalgel becomes available and we are more knowledgeable about side effects, dudes will be more down. Until then, stay safe, and remember that your oral birth control is not a substitute for a condom.

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