7 Signs You’re Never Going To Hear From Summer Bae Again

Remember in The Notebook when Noah meets Allie one summer and then writes her a letter everyday for a year? In 2016, you can maybe hope for a guy to Snapchat you every day for a month or so, but in reality he’ll probably ask for nudes and then disappear like the Snapchat ghost.

Summer flings can be super bittersweet. Sometimes you get to spend a couple weeks with a tan surfer babe who takes you to cool parties and makes out with you under the warm night sky. Then September rolls around and he drops you like it’s (not) hot and you’re stuck staring at your phone wondering if your “summer love” was a summer lie.

Here are signs you should look for early on so that you don’t waste your whole summer on a dude who ain’t shit.

1. He Never Talks About The Future

You honestly have no clue when he’s leaving to go back to school because he legit never, ever talks about it. He’s all about the “right now” and probably “doesn’t believe in labels” either. It’s hard enough to get him to talk about his plans for tomorrow night (and if they include you), so you’ve accepted the fact that he’s not willing to talk about anything happening post-August.

2. He’s Obsessive One Week, Distant The Next

Guys are all about the chase, and some guys can be obsessive one week and distant the next. Consistence is sexy, flakiness isn’t. You probably find yourself wondering what changed and if you did something wrong, but the reality of it is that some guys are like children with a new toy. They love it one week and are sick of it the next. It’s harsh, but it’s reality. If you want somebody consistent, don’t go for a guy who wants to hang out 24/7 after just meeting you, because that’s not going to last.

3. He Brings Up Other Girls Constantly

On one hand, it’s a relief to be with a guy who doesn’t deny the fact that both of you have previously been with other people. But after you brag to your friends about how “chill” he is about exes, you realize that he brings up other girls he’s hooked up with, like, all the time. Going for romantic walks on the beach would be much more fun if he wasn’t pointing out which lifeguard stands he’s fucked chicks on. Plus, when he keeps mentioning other summer flings he’s had, you realize that you’re soon going to be just another one of his stories.

4. He Doesn’t Post Anything About You On Social Media

Not every guy is going to post you as his #WCW immediately after fucking you. Some guys hardly use social media at all, and that’s totally fine. What should raise your concerns is if he’s the type of dude who Snapchats every party, Instagrams every concert, and tweets constantly, but completely shies away from any form of social media involving you. Sure, maybe he’ll give you a follow on Instagram to check out your bikini pics, but that’s about it. To his followers, you don’t exist.

5. He Only Texts You To “Check In”

The way he texts you is as if he’s just reminding you that he’s there. There are no deep convos, it’s the type of shit you’d get in a 7th grade AIM conversation. He’ll ask “what’s up,” you’ll respond, and then he’ll disappear for another 7 hours. When you ask him what’s up or what he’s doing, he’s always super vague. He’ll say he’s “out with the guys” or “hanging around.” Like, what? Out with what guys and where? Who the fuck still says hanging around? You thought summer flings were supposed to be fun, not anxiety inducing.

6. You’re Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 

If you leave to go visit friends for a week, you won’t hear from him the entire time. It’s like if you’re not within a 20-mile radius, you don’t exist. He doesn’t need to text you constantly throughout the day, but if he doesn’t even bother to ask how you’re doing just because you’re not close enough to be a booty call, it’s time to cut him loose.

7. He Takes You To “Romantic” Secluded Spots

It might seem cute and adventurous when he brings you to a restaurant in the next town over or takes you to a secluded beach late at night, but it could mean that he’s hiding you from his other slam piece. Remember in John Tucker Must Die when he takes all three chicks to the same restaurant? Fuckboys have evolved since 2006 and now they have sneaky spots to take their side chicks. Ask him to take you somewhere uber popular where you’re likely to run into people, like the boardwalk, and see if he winces.

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