16 Girls Share Their Worst Walk Of Shame Stories

We don’t generally believe in the term “walk of shame.” We prefer the “stride of pride” or even the “got laid parade.”

But we have to admit there are two types of morning-afters: the type where you had awesome sex and are prancing home like a new woman, and the type where you don’t remember the sex and get mistaken for a homeless person on the subway.

These stories fall into that latter category, enjoy.

1. Man’s Labyrinth

“The weekend before last, I left a boy’s apartment in the morning and he pointed me toward the elevators, but I couldn’t find them. I decided to take the stairs even though he was on the thirteenth floor, because he had class in an hour and I was afraid he’d see me wandering around his floor like an idiot. I finally got to the bottom of the stairs only to find a sign that said ‘caution: opening door will set off alarm.’ So I had to walk back up and was like crying on FaceTime with my friend when a maintenance guy found me and escorted me out.”

2. RIP We Just Killed The Club

“One time I walk of shamed through a funeral procession.”

3. Guess This Is Why Girls Carry Their Shoes

“As I was leaving a frat house at 7 a.m., there was another brother sitting on the porch smoking. I tripped while walking down the steps since I was wearing heels and literally ate shit and the guy didn’t even react. He just stared at me.”

4. Caution: Hot Mess

“Woke up in a frat house. Hair tie missing. Underwear missing. Boy I hooked up with was not in bed with me. Wearing a crop top, tiny skirt, and combat boots. Tried to make a run for it, but the floor was sticky so I was making such a scene. I burst out the front door of the frat house and almost trampled a family pushing their grandma’s wheelchair. Proceeded to walk home and pass every sports team on campus on their way to Saturday practice.”

5. Snapped

“Last year one of my friends got a Snapchat from some dude captioned, ‘walk of shame or stride of pride?’ and it was a picture of me.”

6. Meowch?

“The morning after Halloween I did a walk of shame in costume past a group of potential students and their parents on a tour of the campus. I was dressed as a cat or something, I had a really sparkly black corset top and booty shorts. The parents did not approve.”

7. Meet The Parents

“I was walking out of his house the next morning in heels, a crop top, sex hair, last night’s make up and he was leaving his house too and didn’t realize his mom and sister were picking him up to go home. I was already walking down the street when I heard him scream, ‘Mom, do you approve?’ I turned around and saw his mom and sister across the street and she’s giving me two thumbs up. I’m halfway home and I ran into their car on another street and his mom waved at me and he was laughing in the back seat. He then texted me a minute later saying that his sister wasn’t happy.”

8. Call The Po-Po

“I got up at 6 a.m. after a fraternity date function and started to walk home. This creepy guy followed me until I was two blocks from my street and then went right in front of me with his pants unzipped and claimed he had a gun. Thankfully I wore wedges and not stilettos the night before, so I ran in the opposite direction and called campus safety, but they never found him.”

9. Sister, Sister

“When I was a senior in high school, I went to visit my sister at college and tried to walk of shame home at 2 a.m. My sister had ditched me, and all I had was this random boy’s number and my sister’s friend’s Twitter handle. I had to tweet my location at her and have her come find me since I didn’t know how to get around campus.”

10. Busted… Twice

“One time last year I was walk of shaming from this guy’s house at 7 am. First off, his mom was walking in when I was walking out. I thought that was the worst of it, but then my dorm was having a fire drill and everyone saw me.”

11. Daddy?

“I was walking out of a guy’s dorm at 10 a.m. in a skirt and heels and I totally forgot my dad was taking me to breakfast. My dad was in my dorm’s lobby waiting for me as I walked in.”

12. Oh…

“After a party my freshman year I decided to sleep with this other guy in my building. I remember at night the fire alarms were going off and I told the kid to shut up and go back to sleep because the fire wasn’t real and it was just a drill. Well, the next morning I take a shitty ‘ride of shame’ in the elevator to find my floor completely destroyed because there was a fire in race and the sprinklers went off right above my room and it looked like Titanic aftermath with my bathroom wall collapsed. I had to go down to the front desk still in my dress, drunk as fuck, with smudged makeup to ask, ‘What happened last night?'”

13. We’re Definitely Not In Kansas Anymore

“I once got so drunk that my last memory was falling down the stairs at a frat on campus before I woke up at another nearby college. I then had a 40 minute walk of shame/train ride back to my campus.”

14. Madame Crimson

“After my sorority formal I woke up in a frat house at 11 a.m., got my period, and had to walk home in my tight tiny formal dress and high heels only to find that my room door was locked and my key was no where to be found. I had to go ask my RA to unlock my door and she bitchily said, ‘Your dress is so cute, where are you going?’ (knowing that no one goes anywhere at 11 a.m. in a slutty dress on a Sunday). Also, all this time I probably had period blood running down my leg.”

15. Aced It

“I just did a walk of shame to my 8 a.m. exam. It was after a Wednesday night.”

16. Good Morning To You Too!

“I walked out of a fraternity house in my skirt, crop, and heels from the night before and got to the bottom floor only to find all of their pledges cleaning. The pledges just waved and said ‘good morning.’ On top of that, it was a Friday morning so I had to walk through main campus in my outfit while everyone else was walking to class.”

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