The Good, The Bad, And The Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween only comes once a year, and that’s incredibly convenient because the only thing harder than coming up with the perfect costume is nursing a Halloween hangover. Now that Monday morning is here, and we’ve all officially had a chance to let this whole extra hour of sleep thing work for us, it’s time to recap what your favorite celebrities wore for Halloween in a segment I like to call “The Good, The Bad, And The Sexy.”

The Good

Emily Ratajkowski went full on yellow face and donned a skyhigh blue wig in order to bring America’s favorite housewife, Marge Simpson to life, and succeeded in looking hot without resorting to a “sexy” costume (that bitch)


Katy Perry dressed up as a microphone so she could literally (and hilariously) drop the mic on Halloween


Miley Cyrus ushered in Halloween by giving her own take on a classic Disney princess, Cinderella. Meet Cindersmelly, the “high as hell” and totally “ratch” Disney princess Cinderella became after getting her happily ever after and discovering drugs.


Justin Bieber dressed up as an obscure Will Ferrell character (and showed off his tiny, baby boy ass)


Fergie and Josh Duhamel dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld and his cat, Choupette


And ironically, so did Kendall Jenner and her mysteriously un-famous friend


But make no iffs, ands, or butts about it: Kendall definitely wore it better


Speaking of pets, Snoop Dogg dressed up like a literal dog


And last but not least Heidi Klum, the Queen of Halloween, brought every dude’s first fantasy to life: Jessica Rabbit.


Talk about being the body, am I right?

The Bad

The most basic bitch you know, AKA Taylor Swift, spent her Halloween night dressed up like a snow man and singing “Let It Go” with Idina Menzel


In the ultimate display of narcisim, Kim Kardashian dressed up as herself


Jeremy Scott dressed up as who even knows?


Gwen Stefani was a bloodied cowgirl (could this be a sign that her budding relationship with Blake Shelton is on the rocks, or was it just her misguided attempt to be sexy/scary?)


Nicki Minaj wore one of her tour costumes, threw a crown on her head and called herself a fairy princess


And Miley Cyrus was too high to remember to iron her costume and spent Halloween as a “Crinkled a$$ toof”


The Sexy

Gigi Hadid dressed up as Sexy Sandy in a reminder to young girls everywhere that the only way to get a guy is to change literally everything about you


We were totally green with envy over Shay Mitchell’s stunning Poison Ivy costume


Ariana Grande dressed up like a sexy baby masquerading as a character from Labyrinth


Stella Maxwell dressed up as a cheerleader one night and as a “gnarly baby” the next, while Andrea Pejic just looked hot both nights



And last but not least, our queen Kylie Jenner dressed up as both a boobtastic ninja warrior princess


And a sexy snow princess/eskimo


Remind me to do some sit ups next Halloween.

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