Stop Calling It A “Walk of Shame”

We’ve all been there; whether it’s from your boyfriend’s, your best friend’s, or a random guy you don’t even remember meeting at the bar. We make jokes to our friends, frantically texting them in the morning things like: “Just walked by a campus tour in my crop top and stilettos from last night.” I even won the “Miss Walk of Shame” award from my sorority freshman year because I was constantly sleeping at my boyfriend’s place and walking home the next day in obscenely inappropriate outfits for daylight hours.


But why do we still call it a walk of shame?

Are we really ashamed that we got some action last night?

Have you ever heard of guys doing a walk of shame? Granted, it is easier for them to blend in due to their generally unchanging wardrobe from day to night…but still. I like to use the term “stride of pride” personally, because I will never be ashamed that I got laid last night, and you shouldn’t either!

I will admit, we all have those nights that we might be questioning in the morning. Sometimes the guy you wake up next to looked a lot cuter in the dim lighting of the dive bar last night, sometimes you’re not even sure if you did get laid last night until some further examination.


However, I know you ladies are making good moves 90% of the time and waking up next to hotties, if you’re lucky even getting some morning sex before you leave (because there really isn’t a better way to start the day). Sometimes guys will offer to get breakfast, or offer to drive me home. This could be a personal thing, but unless I actually like the dude, I politely decline. I like the thrill of walking home and possibly seeing somebody I know, and the casual stares from productive members of society that have actually showered this morning.


Other phrases you may use for “walk of shame” include:
– The got laid parade
– Post-cock walk
– G-spot trot
– Just touched a butt strut
– Walk of Awesome


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