Your Sugary Cocktail Might Be Making You Black Out Sooner

It’s no secret that sugar laden drinks are hazardous for your waistline, but did you know that they could actually be making you black out?

While it’s wrong to attribute low-quality alcohol to your blackout, what can affect your drunkenness is the amount of sugar in your drinks.

“Large amounts of sugar in drinks — such as in cocktails — can be a problem, because the alcohol is absorbed rapidly into the blood with sugar,” explained Dr. Roland Mader, a neurologist and consultant at Vienna’s Anton-Proksch Institute, to Thump.

When we’re watching out weight or counting down the days until spring break, we tend to swap the pineapple-patron for a vodka-soda, simply for caloric reasons. But, this research could also explain why you black out so hard after one Malibu-bucket, but it takes you seven gin and tonics to be done-zo. If you needed another reason to swap your cranberry-vodka for a vodka-soda, this is it. Instead of trying to cut calories by skipping dinner, cut calories by skipping the sugary drinks and eat dinner instead.

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, I’m sorry, but you’re basically fucked.

Just kidding (kind of), but this is just another reason to stop drinking such sugary beverages. They get you drunk quicker and lead you to do stupid shit like drunk texting your ex, they give you a deathly hangover the next morning, and they make you bloated as fuck. Sugar is the enemy for sure, but we won’t make you hate alcohol.

In fact, take this post to heart and start ordering something classy, like vodka rocks. Not only will you be utilizing your calories on something that’s going to get you drunk, but you’ll probably sip it slower because of the less delicious taste, and therefore be able to limit yourself before you start flashing your bare ass at a work party. Your abs, and your dignity, will thank us later.

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