8 Texts Every Girl Has Sent To The Guy She’s Kinda Sorta Dating

Relationships would be a lot easier if everything was black or white, and there was no in between.

Unfortunately, once we get past the first date or one night stand, but we’re not quite at the “defining the relationship stage,” we end up in this relationship limbo where we’re together but not together, and confused as fuck. We don’t want to come off as too girlfriend-y when we’re not actually a girlfriend, and we certainly don’t want to come off as crazy or clingy.

With technology, we at least have time to formulate our questions and answers before freaking the dude out, but there are still plenty of ulterior meanings to our “casual” messages.

1. “How late u think you’ll be out tonight?”

The “u” abbreviated makes it casual, right? This is the text you send when you’re not trying to have your usual wild night with your girls, and you’d rather just be in bed with your almost-boyfriend watching Netflix. But, you obviously can’t ask him if he wants to stay in for a movie night, then he’ll think you’re lame. So, naturally, you’ve formulated a story about how you’re going to have a “sick” night, when in reality you’ll be clutching your phone at a lame house party waiting for his “come over” text.

2. “The party is okay, nothing special.”

Okay, this party is actually a fucking blast. You and your girlfriends are dancing on the table while a bachelor party group showers you all with bottles of champagne. It’s fucking lit. Yet, amongst all the bubbly and twerking, you’re still hoping your “man” invites you over afterwards. You don’t want him to think you’re having too much fun to go see him later, so downplaying the festivities via text message is your go-to move.

3. “OMG, I was so drunk last night, did I say anything stupid?”

You were pretty fucking wrecked last night, but you know exactly what stupid shit you said. You drunkenly tried to have the “relationship talk”… again. Last time, he ignored it and acted as if it never happened. But maybe this time if you ask him about it he’ll have the balls to bring it up soberly and you’ll be forced to talk about it? It’s worth a shot.

4. “You can come if you want, but you don’t have to. It’s whatever!”

All your friends are dancing with their dudes, and there are no cute single guys at this bar. You really want your guy to come. But, you don’t want to sound desperate, like you need him to be out with you for you have fun, no way. Honestly, the only reason you even had the balls to invite him was because you’ve had six vodka-gingers in your last two hours of boredom.

5. “Ugh these guys won’t leave me alone at this club, so annoying.”

Hey, look at you, you’re desirable as fuck! Lots of guys want to make you their girlfriend, or they at least want to take you home. Why can’t he just make you his girlfriend? Please?

6. “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine.”

Whatever he did, it’s so not fucking fine. Ditching you at the bar last night without saying bye? Not fine. Saying he’d come over at 2 and not texting you until the next morning? Not fine. Finally asking you on a real date and then canceling last minute to go to a tailgate with his boys? NOT FINE! But, because you’re still the “totally chill” not-quite-girlfriend-yet, you can’t freak out. You don’t want to scare him away, so you’re just pretending it’s fine until next weekend when you’ll probably get drunk and unleash your anger on him. Yep, totally chill.

7. “Cum over I’m hornyyy”

These text messages are probably the only times that you actually initiate a hangout with your guy. But since you’re drunk, and only asking for sex, it doesn’t make you come off as clingy or too into him, right? When sober, you refuse to text first, invite him anywhere, or make any sort of first move, but all those bets are off once you’ve had tequila.

8. “Did I leave my bracelet at your house?”

You’re wearing your bracelet right now, you know it’s not at his house. But, he also hasn’t texted you since you left his house two hours ago, and you’re kind of freaking out. He always texts you asking if you got home safe, why didn’t he text you today? You couldn’t stand staring at your phone any longer, so you figured if you texted with a purpose it was acceptable for you to text him first.

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