5 Examples of Situations That Are Certainly Not Dates

It seems that the word “date” in our generation has become extremely rare. When it is used, it tends to sometimes be used improperly. For all you ladies and gentlemen that are confused, Galore has decided to kindly lay out a couple misconceptions for you. Ladies, if you and a guy are involved in one of these situations, it is certainly not a date:


1. Watching Netflix

I have literally had guys say that they want to take me out… and then proceed to ask me what shows I like to watch on Netflix. Hello? Last time I checked, “going out” implies actually leaving the house. If you’re too broke to take me on a date, that’s fine. But, if you think I’m dumb enough to pass off you bumming your parent’s Netflix account as an actual date then you are mistaken.

2. Picking Up Your Stuff

So you accidentally on purpose left your body chain at his house last Saturday night and desperately need to get it. If you go to get it and it ends up in an impromptu hang out (with his wang out), go for it. But don’t go thinking that this is some chivalrous notion leading to him taking you to a five star restaurant anytime soon.

3. Smoking Weed

Guys share their weed for the same reason they share their alcohol: in hopes that they’ll be repaid in pussy. Unless you’re ganja buddies with this guy, if a guy is randomly hitting you up “to smoke” he really means that he’s going to pack his piece with weed and then try to get you relaxed enough to pass out on his dick.

4. Chilling and Drinking

Save for the few nights where I want to finish a couple bottles of wine with my ladies, I really don’t see the appeal of drinking if you’re not going to go out anywhere. If a guy is asking you to come over to his house and drink with him and only him, he might as well just say that he’s too awkward to hang out with you sober and thinks the only chance he has with you is if you’re too fucked up to notice his buckteeth and small dick.

5. “Hanging Out”

If I had a shot for every guy that asked to “hang out,” I would be drunker than I normally am on a Thirsty Thursday. Can you please be specific? Because how the hell are us ladies supposed to know if your idea of “hang out” constitutes netflix and a quickie or you actually putting in the effort to plan something for us? (Hint: It’s usually the former).

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