12 Girls Tell Us How They Made a Successful First Move on a Dude

Making the first move can be daunting. But, with new apps like Bumble and new research backing up girls initiating conversation, there’s no better time to be ballsy (or boobsy?) when it comes to claiming what you want.

If you’ve never approached a guy before, have no fear, we asked Galore readers about their successful times making the first move to give you a little bit of inspiration.

1. Better Than Jamie

“Last February on Valentine’s Day I went to watch 50 Shades Of Grey. I went to a pub after and saw this super beautiful man that looked so much like the actor, so I told my friend, ‘Let’s go stand near him.’ He ignored us (later I found out he was super stoned), so we gave up and went to a night club. He ended up going there too and by the end of the night I just went up to him, asked him if he had a girlfriend (always), and kissed him when he said no. We were hooking up for over a year.”

2. Booty Call

“We flirted all night, but he didn’t make a move, so I texted him telling him that he should have. I asked him if I could come over and we ended up sleeping together for a while.”

3. Running For Your Love

“A few weeks ago, I was at the gym finishing up my run (you know that moment when you’re super red and tomato looking) and this guy comes up to me to ask for some keys he left. I didn’t expect him to be that good looking. I almost died. I had a mini panic-attack trying to run and answer. A few days later, at a karaoke bar, I’m dancing and in a particularly crazy move, I elbow somebody in the face. It’s him. A few days later I’m out, see him in the bar of a night club and tell my friend, ‘I’m going to buy him a few shots see if he loosens up.’ Let’s just say he did.”

4. From Friend Requests To ‘Let’s Have Sex’

“I added him on Facebook, liked his profile picture when I was drunk, and then he messaged me, ‘Hey, what’s up pom poms?’ (I’m a cheerleader). I got his number from our Facebook chat, and then we fucked a few days later. We had sex like once/twice a month until he graduated.”

5. Lumbersexual

“A few months ago I saw him at a bar and I went up to him and grabbed his beard and said, ‘I’m into this.’ We’re still dating today.”

6. Stride of Pride

“I found out that we lived on the same floor of my building in college and jokingly said we should hook up since the walk of shame would be convenient. He thought I was serious…We ended up hooking up until we both moved out.”

7. Down In The DMs

“He was in one of my classes, I thought he was cute, I creeped on Facebook until I found a mutual friend and DM’d him to get coffee. We dated for almost a year.”

8. That’s An Easy Pick Up Line

“I told my friend that I thought he was cute and then I went up to him to say hi. We have been dating for three years now and living together next year.”

9. Hotline Bling

“Almost two years ago, my current boyfriend (who wasn’t my boyfriend at the time) was talking on the phone to his mom. I was wasted, walked up to him, and just made out with his face. He handed the phone off to his cousin and we’re still dating.”

10. Ma, The Meatloaf

“I told my friend that I wanted to sleep with this guy. So she went up and told him. He responded, ‘No she doesn’t, she only wants chicken and mashed potatoes.’ Apparently I talked to him earlier that night and cried that there wasn’t any food at the party. We still slept together a couple times.”

11. The Middle School Approach

“A guy who lived in my dorm freshman year was walking by my room and I was wasted in the hallway and said, ‘Want to make out?’ And he shrugged and said okay and came into my dorm room. We’re still friends four years later.”

12. It’s a Robbery

“I went to a party senior year and my group of friends were talking about the guys there prior to the party, I called dibs on this one dude Tom, who I found out had a girlfriend, so I pulled the robbery on my friend who was going to try and hook up with this guy Bill. I told my friend that I wanted to get with Bill instead and she couldn’t, I made a move cause I was drunk and gave him head. Three years later we still go out.”

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