4 Reasons Why Facebook Creeps Are The Worst Type of Creeps


Unless you live under a rock, you have been made well aware that women are subject to objectification by men on the regular. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed like a nun or a stripper, there’s still a good chance you’re getting cat-called by construction workers and/or stared at by old business men. Out of all the dudes we have to dodge on a daily basis, there’s one type of dude that is the worst: The Facebook Creep.


1. Because You Might Not Even Remember Them 

How many Facebook friends do you have? Probably upwards of 1,000. Are all these people actually your friends? Of course not. The dudes Facebook creeping you are in that category of people you would delete if you actually took the time to do a Facebook “cleanse.” Maybe you went to high school with him, maybe you met him at the shore in passing one summer, maybe you only accepted his friend request because he goes to the same college as you. Regardless, you probably have not actually spoken to this person in real life (and if you have, it was nothing substantial). Clearly, these dudes use Facebook messaging as a way to over-come their awkward social skills in person.

2. Because They Know You’re There

Unlike avoiding a call or text, Facebook creeps know that you can see their messages. Not only does Facebook alert them as to when you’ve read their “you are like really hot” messages, but they can also see everything you are posting to Facebook. Even if you don’t respond to their last five messages, they can still stalk your photos from last weekend, see the article you shared, and read your birthday posts.

3. Because They Never Stop

What they’re doing doesn’t actually require effort. Hitting a little “like” on your last photo or typing a brief message to you takes less than five seconds from their day. Therefore, even though you ignore all their advances, they somehow don’t stop regardless. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps they’ve always been taught to persevere? Either way, if you think a Facebook creep is going to get lost after you ignore one message, you’re probably wrong.

4. Because Your Friends Don’t Realize Who They Are

Your close friends may realize that this weirdo that’s been commenting on every single thing you post is a creep. However, other people may not. God forbid that the guy you actually like thinks that the dude commenting “damn babe” on every single one of your profile pictures is your actual boyfriend…

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