Wondering What The Bumble Snapchat Filter Is All About?

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A few days ago, Snapchat unloaded a plethora of new filters to transform your face. You now have the power to make yourself puke rainbows or see what you’d look like as a senior citizen. For college students around the country, another new feature had been added to Snapchat, the Bumble filter.

If you’ve been on Snapchat today, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That new filter you’ve seen with bumble-bees and cute slogans like “Searching For Bumble Bae?” Yeah, that’s Bumble.

What’s Bumble? While it may not be as popular as Tinder, it’s quickly gaining momentum due to its interesting twist on the average dating app. When using Bumble, girls have to message guys first.

Whoa, groundbreaking, right? That means no more dudes messaging you “tits or GTFO” and no more agonizing conversations with dudes who you swiped right on when you were drunk. For the average female sick and tired of creepy dating apps, and the average male tired of always having to make the first move, Bumble might be the perfect solution.

But the thing is that many people don’t know about Bumble yet, and that’s exactly why Bumble has teamed up with Snapchat to promote their app across college campuses. The students at over 2,000 college campuses will have access to five unique Bumble filters. Plus, colleges that have their own ‘Campus Stories’ will also have access to four live-feed videos of people using Bumble.

Bumble has disclosed that they are already very popular on college campuses, partly due to the fact that they employ campus ambassadors to encourage students to try the app. Plus, the age range of users currently on Bumble (40% of users are 17-23 years old), aligns perfectly with the average age of Snapchat users (13-34).

While I personally have been on a dating-app detox, I am eager to hear how our Galore readers rate Bumble. Is it nice getting to pick and choose the guys you message? Or are you like me and prefer that men come to you? If you’ve tried Bumble, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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