8 cringe-worthy stories about having the “relationship talk”

This time of year, it seems like everyone’s pairing off. Getting a new boo can be great, but having the “relationship talk” is one of the most cringe-inducing things you’ll have to do in your relationship.

Sitting down for “the talk” with your significant other doesn’t mean you’re desperate and pathetic, it means that you have standards and aren’t going to settle for less. But it can definitely still be weird.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled eight of the most awkward scenarios we’ve ever heard of when it comes to having “the talk.” If anything, these will inspire you to go about your relationship talk in a normal, non-insane way. Or, if you don’t it’s okay — it could still all work out.

Just don’t try these at home.

1. Can’t Do Better

“I told my ex boyfriend that if we didn’t become officially boyfriend and girlfriend that I would stop hooking up with him. He then asked me out because he said he ‘wouldn’t find better.'” – Melissa

2. Playing Your Cards Right

“My man and I were drunk in Atlantic City. While we were on the casino floor gambling, he decided to confront me about why I introduced him as my friend to someone earlier that week. Unusual, but that’s what spurred our relationship talk. We’ve been ‘official’ pretty much ever since.” – Anonymous

3. Cyber Crush

“When I was in high school, my ex saw that I was on FB and asked to see my computer. He then used my FB to ask him to be in a relationship, so basically he asked himself. I saw the notification later that day and was like, ‘Oh, okay then.'” – Steph

4. Grandpa Knows Best

“I went to go meet his family and he introduced me as his friend although we were clearly more than friends. Why else would I be meeting your grandparents? So, I called him out and made fun of him for introducing me as his friend. Afterward, he planned a date a week in advance to a cool spot in the city to ask me ‘romantically.'” – Alexa

5. Shawty Is a Killa

“I heard the guy I was talking to refer to me by first name to his mom on the phone at the beginning of us talking, so I was like, ‘Oh, she knows about me?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I might have mentioned to my parents I got a little SHAWTY.’ Naturally, we then had the talk about what we were and about establishing boundaries, etc. At first he was scared of the word boyfriend. But, I’m sorry, you’re not calling me ‘shawty.’ Like, we aren’t in a music video… Chill.” – Sara

6. Worth The Wait

“Anytime I attempted to approach “the talk” with a guy I was talking to, they would ignore me or run away. That’s why the first boyfriend I’ve ever had is my current boyfriend, and I waited 19 years for his ass.” – Liz

7. Old School

“My boyfriend asked me if we were ever going to ‘do it.’ I said, ‘Yeah, when I’m your girlfriend.’ He asked me out the next day.” – Emily

8. Is That Yours?

“The guy I had been seriously talking to for a while started getting possessive. When he was drunk he would come up to guys and tell them to stop talking to ‘his girl.’ After I’d had enough of this, I sat him down and told him that he can’t act like I’m his girl unless I actually am. That was that and we’ve been together ever since.” – Anonymous

Graphic by Mi Gerer

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