8 Ways To Deal With A Hangover At Work

The fact that I’m writing this is testament to the fact I’ve had a hangover over at work. Exactly one million times. I have become somewhat of an expert (read: alcoholic) and know how to not draw too much attention to one’s tradge state.

Don’t be late

This is integral to the rest of your day being smoother. I hate being late, but being late when you’ve gotten trashed the night before is whole other level of anxiety that you could do without. Run out the house naked if needs be, turning up to work naked rather than being late is far more forgivable…wait, what?

Don’t call in sick

Being hungover is not worthy of a sick day. It’s your own fault you’re in that state and one must take responsibility and face the consequences. Also when you are actually dying and you need someone to cover you, sympathy will pour out. People aren’t very forgiving of people who want to take time off, especially in NY, so save those cards.

Constantly drink water

This is so important. I think I’m actually obsessed with water. Actually obsessed. Not just obsessed, actually obsessed. There’s a big difference. I do believe this is the only cure to a hangover, nothing else works unless you put yourself to sleep. And it’s not really a cure but means your hangover will be over at 6 rather than 9.

Take a shower

Do not smell like the night before. That’s disgusting, and an instant giveaway. Although, it’s not about hiding the hangover, it’s more about proving that you can cope with it and still complete your job.

Try not to talk to anyone unless completely necessary

This is probably impossible, especially if you work in a service job. Just try not to engage in debate about politics because you’ll lose.

Don’t fall asleep

I’ve seen people on hangovers fall asleep at work, one of those people being me. It’s completely unacceptable, even if your boss offers you nap time. Don’t accept it. It’s a trap and will be held over you for eternity.

Eat light food

I’m a huge fast food advocate, so trust when I say I could eat McDonald’s every day. But the day not to do that is after drinking, shitty food slows you down even more. Snacking lightly on fruits and vegetables is sure to produce more energy.


Remind yourself there are worse things going on than what is happening to you right now. Sorry to be the barer of bad news but people are actually dying, not “I drunk too much last night I feel like I might die”. Perspective is very important, also known as, taking comfort in the misfortune of others: schadenfreude.

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