Guys Prefer Tinder Because Girls On Bumble Have Higher Standards

If you’re just dipping your toes into the wonderful world of dating apps, you might ask yourself which app should take your online dating V-card.

Tinder is the OG, and the butt of every joke, but Bumble has seriously been gaining in terms of popularity, especially with cool girls who don’t want to receive dick pics from randos.

But do you know who Bumble isn’t gaining popularity with? Reddit bros.

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In case you’re not familiar, Reddit bros are notoriously bad news. They’re known to be misogynistic, nerdy, and really, really angry. They’re also kind of a good gauge for the male population in general, because they have absolutely no filter. Just take what they say with a grain of salt because, again, a lot of them are sexually frustrated nerds.

And they’re angry about Bumble.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but when one Reddit user asked his fellow men if they preferred Bumble or Tinder, an overwhelming amount said Tinder.

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“I tried both [apps] for two years and I never got a date,” said Reddit user byunboy. “I did get [a] couple matches on Tinder and even less on Bumble. Girls on Bumble have way higher standard than those on Tinder. Most of the time girls never respond and I initiated 100 percent of all conversations.”

Yikes. Isn’t it funny how guys say they wouldn’t date a girl who has low standards until they realize they’re below her standards?

Another reason Reddit guys dislike Bumble is because they can’t repeatedly message girls who clearly aren’t interested.

“Quite a few matches on Bumble end up in nothing, with no messages exchanged,” says Reddit user fanboyhunter. “At least on Tinder you can say something, even if they ignore you.”

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Let’s just hope he’s not one of those guys who sends double messages when a girl doesn’t respond, because he’s essentially the reason those girls flocked to Bumble instead.

Granted, they do have a point. Why are girls matching guys if they don’t want to talk to them?

Well, remember that phrase all your teachers had on their walls that said: “shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars”? These guys are the stars, and the really dimly lit stars at that. Chances are the girl is swiping right on any half-decent guy, but when she matches with grade-A dudes, she decides not to message the losers.

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“Bumble sucks,” says Reddit user mipadi. “I get plenty of matches, but only one has ever actually messaged me. It’s a total waste of time.”

Another guy dares to say that the girls on Bumble “can’t get laid on Tinder.” LOL!

“Bumble is where the girls who can’t get laid on Tinder go,” says Reddit user AtomicMonkeyTheFirst. “Tinder works fine for me.”

In the words of Elle Woods: “What? Like it’s hard?”

Seriously, what guys may not realize is that even though getting laid might be a challenge for them, it’s literally like taking candy from a baby for a girl on Tinder.

Other guys simply acknowledge the fact that they’re not the right “type” for girls on Bumble.

“Bumble [is] for professional women who don’t go for bartenders like me (even if it’s at a cool craft brewery), “says Reddit user DangerDoc.

Poor bb. Proud of him for not saying anything about gold diggers though, and implying that women on Bumble are professionals who would rather date someone in a similar position and not a dude with crazy hours.

Reddit dudes may hate Bumble, but this seems like as good a reason as ever to hop on the app if you haven’t by now.

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