What Your Favorite Song of the Summer Says About You

Every year, people make a big deal out of predicting what the song of the summer will be.

And even though there always is a song of the summer, it doesn’t mean that that’s the best song of the summer. Or even that everybody likes it.

It just means that it’s the trendiest song of the trend cycle.

In fact even if you initially loved the song of the summer, by the end of August you’d probably rather rip out your ears than listen to it one more time.

And even though the song of the summer will most likely end up being “Shape of You” or “That’s What I Like” this year because moms and dads love them and moms and dads low key rule mainstream radio, we came up with our own list of contenders — and what it says about you if you stan for them the hardest.


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“Bon Appetit” – Katy Perry featuring Migos


If “Bon Appetit” was a friend you have on speed dial, “Bon Appetit” would not be anybody. Because only losers have friends on speed dial anymore.

But if “Bon Appetit” was a friend you hung out with on the regular, it’d be that girl you call up when all you want to do is turn up and have a fun time.

It may be an empty banger with nonsense lyrics, but you don’t really listen to lyrics because words are for ugly people.

Sorry not sorry bout it.

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“Bad Liar” – Selena Gomez


If “Bad Liar” is your jam, then you probably have a pretty high opinion of yourself. But honestly, it’s well-deserved.

You don’t just think your taste in music, fashion, TV, and pretty much anything else should be industry standard, you know it is.

Not that you’re annoying about it. Usually. Depending on how many drinks you’ve had. And who you talk to.

You love the fact that “Bad Liar” has a lot of words in it and doesn’t sound like every other song on the radio. TBH you even think it would be a great song to give a lap dance too.

And once again, you’re not wrong.

“Despacito (Remix)” – Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber


You’re the kind of person who’s always trying to seem more cultured and classy than you actually are – but you’re also kind of lazy.

Like you’ll do the most extreme workout for two hours, but when it comes to the finer things in life, you’re always looking for the easiest option. And what easier way to seem cultured than by knowing every word to a song in another language?

And by knowing every word we mean you know the word “despacito” and maybe three other words. Maybe.

But NBD, Justin Bieber doesn’t know the words either.

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“I’m the One”– DJ Khaled featuring everybody


You’re just like a ray of sunshine.

Upbeat, positive and just a little corny – but not in an extra way. In a genuine way.

You’re everybody’s favorite friend to talk to at a party because you know how to make the people around you feel good.

Summer’s the time you really come alive, so make the most of it and don’t get caught spending a minute you don’t have to inside.

“Mask Off” – Future


You like talking about drugs almost as much as you like actually taking drugs.

In fact, you’re probably on drugs right now.

Sorry for taking up your time – live your life.

“The Cure” – Lady Gaga


Hey, has anybody told you that you’re kind of like tofu?

Haters say you’re bland and basic, but they don’t understand that’s what makes you great.

You may not have a bombastic personality, but you fit in everywhere and you won’t give anybody mad cow disease.

Although TBH, you may have to rethink your attitude about relationships.

Saying you’ll fix them even if they want to be fixed is NOT healthy.

Unless you like to be sad, in which case… don’t.

“XO TOUR Llif3” – Lil Uzi Vert


Even if you don’t think of yourself this way, if you looked deep into your Supreme-clad soul, you’d realize you’re either a hypebeast, a fuckboy, or both.

You care a lot about appearances and will spend a lot of money just to look cool and be seen in the right hot spots.

You’re also probably a boy or really offended I would even say that.

“Passionfruit” – Drake

If “Passionfruit” is your song, then you probably self identify as a “chill person.”

You don’t cause drama, you don’t get all extra on the gram, and you’re totally OK if the only time you ever see your fuck buddy is after he texts you at 3 a.m. and asks, “u up?”

Because you’re not a regular girl, you’re a cool girl.

Sure, Jan.


“Crying in the Club” – Camila Cabello


“Crying in the Club” sounds just like every song on the charts right now, so if this is your song of the summer, you’re probably so trendy you secretly have a legion of fangirls on Insta following your every move.


You also probably still go to the club, so you’re probably under the age of 25.

Again, goals.

Enjoy your youth while it lasts, and maybe start investing in a quality moisturizing routine if you haven’t yet. Save your face while there’s still time, you feel?

“Malibu” – Miley Cyrus


There are two kinds of people in this world: people who get “Malibu” and people who don’t. And you get it. Big time.

Malibu might not be the kind of song you listen to when you’re getting ready to go out, but it’s the perfect song to crank up when you’re driving on the highway and the sun’s streaming through your window.

It’s simple and effortless and even though you have your extra moments, that’s how you like to think of yourself.

You’re not a hippie or anything, but you like spending time outdoors, away from technology, just being present.

Also you probably have super clear skin because you don’t get stressed out, so mazel tov.

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