Justin Bieber Forgot the Words to “Despacito” and Sang Nonsense Instead

Between raising conjunctivitis awareness and exposing his naked chest to innocent New York tourists who just want to spend their vacation shopping at Victoria’s Secret and standing in the middle of the sidewalk, Justin Bieber has had a lot on his plate recently.

Which might explain why he was unable to perform the difficult task of remembering the words to his latest #1 song “Despacito.”

Fortunately, he did remember that the song wasn’t in English, so thinking on his feet, Justin invented a whole new nonsense language to perform the song in.


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On Tuesday night, Biebs decided it would be a good idea to perform “Despacito” at 1 OAK in NYC. Quickly he realized that just like everybody else in the audience, he didn’t really know the words.

But, like a true professional, Justin decided not to walk offstage and hide in the bathroom all night. Instead he got up there and replaced all the words he didn’t know with the first thing that came to his head: “Babababa.”So for however many minutes this performance lasted, Justin straight up sang those syllables over and over again in a monotone.

Until he decided to get creative and switch things up to what sounds like “dabadabah burrito.”

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Is that offensive?


But words are hard and Justin Bieber’s doing all he can.

We should have known asking Justin Bieber to remember a dozen words in a foreign language was too much.

Shame on us.

[H/T Jezebel]

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