WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Sept. 26 – Oct. 2, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


This Monday, powerful Pluto will finally turn direct in Capricorn, your 10th house of career. The Retrograde phase, which started in April, might have brought initial setbacks. You rethought, analyzed your life and were able to dive deeper.

You found out who you can really trust in your field. Somebody you never thought of might have been blocking your career path and trying to extinguish your fire. Reflect on the negativity that has made you doubt yourself.

Now that Pluto is turning direct you are more confident than ever. Never give up, Aries! With your fierce ruler Mars joining in the game you will be unbeatable. Whatever you desire you will be able to achieve.

Ready for a new relationship? There is a new moon falling in into your 7th house of relationships! If single, you might surprisingly enter a new liaison. Your venusian juice will turn you into the peace and love maker. This week’s mood is romantic.

If coupled, you could celebrate or re-define your unfading love. Maybe even over a beautiful candlelit dinner? Elegant Venus in your 8th house of deep sexuality will give you intuitiveness. Wow, you’re going to know for real how to please your partner, inside and outside of the bedroom.



After six months of retrograde, metamorphic Pluto will finally turn direct in your 9th house of beliefs and foreign travel. You have been reevaluating religion and spirituality on a very deep level. You might have cleaned your soul through alternative beliefs. Remember: Transform = Reborn. Your search for inner truth and peace was vital and now you are ready to consciously live by your new beliefs.

Warrior planet Mars will be joining Pluto, making you more ambitious and energetic than ever! This is a rare planetary combo, use your full potential to transcend higher into bliss!

The new moon in Libra, your 6th house of health and routine, gives you the best time to start a new healthy diet and balance out your daily routines in life. It may sound weird, but you might really be fascinated by beautiful food.

With seductive Venus sizzling up your 7th house of relationships, there might be somebody flirting and romanticizing you a lot. If you’re currently in a relationship, you will really want to show your love.



Fearless Pluto will be turning its steamy ride into direct motion through your 8th house of deep sexuality and intimacy. The past six months you got more in touch with your heart’s true desire and subconscious. It can get really dark when transformative Pluto carves his ways through that intimate area of your chart.  Remember, the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. Coupled with Mars this could be the most sexually rewarding time of your life. If in a relationship, really focus on sex sex sex! You guys will feel more bonded than ever.

If still single, now is your time to meet somebody, thanks to the powerful new moon in Libra, taking place in your 5th house of true love, romance, and creativity.

You are so hot right now and you’re not even trying. Wowza, what a charming, sexy, exuberant energy. Attract whoever you like. You will be able to choose since there are numerous people interested in spending time with you. Add a dash of dramatic flair — it will make your crazy life even more interesting.

The 5th house also rules fertility, but be careful not to accidentally get knocked up while having all of this diversion. With the new Moon in your explosively inspiring sector, you’ll be flying high.


Birth, death, rebirth — Pluto will be turning direct in your seventh house of relationships, which means you might meet dark powerful personalities now, who will transform your inner core.

Lessons about kinship are awaiting you. Are you getting the most out of your romantic relationships? This person who could come into your life anytime, now, is going to completely scour and destroy your previous notions of what it takes to partner. On the flip side, it can also spell the end of relationships.

Since Mars will be joining Pluto, nasty fights with your loved ones could start occurring. The good news are with Pluto and Mars double sexy energy, makeup sex is going to be hotter than ever!

If it’s really over, know that it is for the better. Don’t manipulate your partner to stay. I know you’re crabby and attached. Don’t worry, something better is waiting for you.

Otherwise, this week will be lovey dovey at home and with your fam. If you’ve been too busy to spend time with mama, papa, and your siblings, now would be the time. Use this magical lunar spirit to remodel your home and make it more inviting.



Ruthless Pluto will be turning direct in your 6th house of order, bringing you a needed period of reflection in work habits and your health. I don’t want to lie, but Pluto is kind of intense.

You might encounter some harshness in your daily work. Your “colleagues” might not be very supportive now. You might have been sitting back and since Pluto has been retrograde you weren’t really able to say anything. Mars will make you more aggressive, so watch out what you say.

Keep in mind, that these outcomes often work in your favor as they push you to make those needed changes, to become the king of the jungle. Some patterns and attitudes will change. Be aware and positive.

You will see lots of good news come to you from your siblings this week. Meet up or arrange a Skype conference call, and catch up. If you’re an only child, you can expect harmonic sweetness with your sister from another mister or brother from another mother. All thanks to the beautiful new Moon in Libra in your creative 3rd house. Learn something new now – any kind of skill you are interested in. If you start taking small steps, the powerful new moon will help you to endure and succeed.

If you were planning on taking a short trip, fun opportunities might come up now. Ask around! Maybe someone is leaving town for the weekend and has a spot left in their car for you.



Pluto the lord of darkness is turning direct in your 5th house of romance and creativity. Old lovers may come back into your life now. With Pluto in the mix, drama is emphasized and an initially not so serious one night stand might change your life. You are going to be attracting scorpionic types who are trying to teach you some lesson. Pluto will make you very mysterious and attractive to the opposite sex. Don’t forget that the plutonic potency is active on both sides. You as well will be able to easily lure lovers into your sexy world. Hehe. What is crazy is, that Mars also a very sexual Planet will be entering your 5th house joining Pluto! Virgos are going to be the most notorious sign of the zodiac. Looking at these forecasts, I in fact will try and find myself a Virgo this week, so I can hopefully be part of this hot spectacle.

Mo money mo problems… but not for you, Virgo! It’s a prime time to invest your money into a new venture. You’ve got the power, the charms, and you seem to know the right people. A deluxe new moon in Libra will be happening in your second house of finances this week.

You’ll be really good at setting realistic financial goals. On top of that, you might also find new sources of income.



Sharp Pluto turning direct in your 4th house of home and family, prompts you to reflect inwards, sometimes triggering to change the direction of your life in radical ways. When in the 4th house of home, anything, be it a move or career change could happen.

Don’t try to resist change, it’s just going to hurt you. Family and career wise, forceful Pluto is trying to break you up, so you can transform into the best version of yourself and land on the path that is supposed to give you the most magical life.

Add Mars to the mix and life at home will be a little more turbulent and dramatic. Make sure that whatever you say comes from a place of love. Remember you can reboot your life thanks to the powerful new moon in YOUR Sign plus lucky Jupiter.

It’s still your birthday, you should party because it’s your birth month.

Overall, with your magnetic Venusian energy, expansive Jupiter and the new moon in your personal sign, you pretty much have the whole enchilada. It’s a superb time to increase your self-confidence!



What an interesting period for you. Your ruler, turbulent Pluto, is going to turn direct early this week, in your 3rd house of communication. You hate superficiality and basically, with all this backward plutonic activity in that sector, you might research obsessively online or through reading newspapers and books. As a result, you may uncover new secrets and ways to gain more power. Mars will join Pluto making you more ambitious than ever! If there is a message you want to put out there, now is the time. Pluto/Mars in your 3rd house turns you into a super detective, whatever secrets you want to uncover with this planetary power you sure will.

There will be a new moon in Libra your 12th house of the unconscious. This week, you will only open up behind closed doors. This doesn’t mean you’ll lose your spark, actually, you’ll be radiating a mysterious charm that you might not be aware of even.

Review, rethink and meditate. Find your inner treasures and love yourself. Begin to soul-search and look for deeper issues. You know, stuff you’ve neglected. Do a ritual in your bathtub – lavender scrub and candles can help you to get back in tune with your sensuality. Chill and refill.


This week kicks off with driven Pluto moving direct in your financial house. Now is the time to sort out the finances. During Retrograde, which has been going on for 6 months you had some time to reevaluate your feelings about finances and possessions.

Slow-moving Pluto will be retrograde for a while. You may not have liked what you see financially. Take this as an opportunity to review and find a better way to handle your money. Mars will be joining Pluto so be carful not to spend impulsively.

Friends could turn into lovers now. The new Moon in romantic Libra, your 11th house of friends, stirs things up. A friend could declare his love for you now. Or maybe you are going to be the one – ooh la la, sexy and surprising. Relationships that start through friendship indeed last the longest, since you get to know one another pretty well before things get too heated, allowing you both to truly appreciate each other and know what you are getting yourself into. If you want to start a new group or club, now would be a good time as you have the charms to attract and find people who share the same ideas. This could turn into something bigger. Look forward to the final results at the correspondent full moon in the fall.



When magnetic Pluto, the transformer, goes direct in your first house of self, it is an excellent time to transform. Remember to stay true to yourself and you will reshape into the amazing soul that has been hiding in the dark. Sometimes it hurts to say goodbye to parts of ourselves. Good news: many people who experienced extreme Pluto in their first house, reported to suddenly have lost lots of weight. Pluto is going to stay in your first house for quite some time. You lucky skinny bitch.

Fierce Mars will be joining Pluto, making you more ambitious than ever! Capricorns already are one of the most ambitious signs, but from this week on you will be like a super rocket. There won’t be anybody around to match your energy. So don’t be too harsh with others.

#GOALS. You’ve got the perfect planetary combination this week to rise up in your work and career sector. This week could be your lucky break. At work everybody loves you – you’re so charming and people want to be close to you all the time. Don’t mix work and love! People will be tempted, though – things are looking good if you need to talk with your boss.

The powerful Libra new moon in the upper sector of your chart will be blooming and booming. The 10th house rules career and reputation. It’s a prime lunar time to start your venture. Sign up on Kickstarter, send out your resume, schedule interviews, or publish your new web page. Dream big! Communication is key!



Dearest Aquarius, this week is an excellent time to purge your inner soul. Intuitive Pluto will turn direct in your 12th house of the unconscious. A lot of passive aggressive energy has been stirred up, like a little storm inside of you, while Pluto was retrograde. This won’t stop, though, since Mars will join in to bring out your suppressed feelings.

The thing is, you didn’t quite know why, since the 12th house also holds the secrets and Pluto, is the planet of our deepest most unconscious desires, you mostly even hide from yourself. Do any kind of spiritual meditation. Release those negative emotions inside of you. Try to encode the messages even if they scare you to death. In order to grow, we need to face the darkness and conquer our fears. If you’ve been feeling low this is a good time to address the root of your problems. Sometimes we have to face our own darkness in order to transcend into the highest light.

The magical new Moon unified with lucky Jupiter in your 9th house of the higher mind and foreign travel enlightens your spiritual beliefs, shining new rays on new possibilities. Dive deeper into Astrology or Mysticism. Are you ready for a spiritual journey, perhaps like “Darjeeling Limited”? You may find profound wisdom that will help you expand your career.



When spiritual Pluto goes direct in your 11th house of dreams and friends, your compassionate nature comes to play and you search for more knowledge in society. You philosophize about what tribes you belong to and what kind of friends are good or bad for you. You might make up with friends you have had issues with, or you might meet a new amigo, who will transform your belief and value system, sometimes through dark shit happening.

It could also be that you might be feeling blocked by people who have control over you. It could be that daily dose of social media, that unconsciously drags you down. If all this is impacting you too much, maybe log off for a while. Go out into nature and experience real freedom.

With Mars joining Pluto you could actually go and make the decision to cut out certain people out of your life!  You are a highly psychic sign, so you know who is right for you and who isn’t.

Ever tried Kama Sutra? The Passionate New Moon hooking up with expansive Jupiter in your sector of deep intimacies and sacred sexuality would be an excellent time to experiment with more spiritual forms of sexual activity. Recently, you’ve been bored of superficiality. A sexual union of a deeper nature like Tantra will reawaken you again.


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