This Famous Hairdresser Shaded 7 Celebs in 1 Interview

Have you ever met a man who thought he was God’s gift to planet earth?

Well, meet another. W Magazine interviewed Garren (who is important enough not to have a last name) about how to get a life changing haircut, and while name-dropping his celeb clientele like Victoria Beckham, he also managed to shade many of his past clients, plus a few other randos.

Read what the petty qwine had to say about some of your favorite starlets.

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1. Karlie Kloss

“She actually looks better in shorter hair, because she looks like everybody else now that she’s got long hair. She blends in and it’s very commercial. That happens to a lot of the girls.”

Ugh, it’s so déclassé to be a hot model who looks good with both long and short hair!

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2. Courtney Love

“Back in the day, I made Courtney Love look human because I gave her a blunt bang and a bob.”

Who needs makeup when you could just be graced with Garren’s scissors and suddenly become human?

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3. Megyn Kelly

“With Megyn Kelly, when I saw this blonde hair I said that’s what’s wrong with news people. They don’t take the chance the way that Diane Sawyer did.”

Funny how the first thing he noticed was wrong with Megyn Kelly was her hair… although Republican blondes do make a habit of it!

4. Diane Sawyer

“When Diane Sawyer started she had long hair. Vogue sent her to me to cut her hair in a layered bob and she became this very classy woman.”

If you’re not classy enough, just go get your hair cut by this dude!

5. Michelle Williams

“Look at how beautiful Michelle Williams looks with short hair. It’s adorable.  When she grows it she’s nobody.”


6. Jennifer Lawrence

“…The same with Jennifer Lawrence.”

But she’s trying to be #relatable!

7. The Olsen Twins

“I think younger women feel if they put themselves together too much they look too old fashioned. I saw the Olsen twins looking like that and they look like they’re ready to scrub floors. They don’t look attractive.”

The tea has been spilled.

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