This year Beyoncé launched her hair care line and has taken the industry by storm. I wanted to try Cecred‘s products for myself to determine if the line not only lives up to the hype, but works specifically for my hair texture and many women who wonder the same thing… I tried the foundation line and want to give my overall review of each product, so let’s get into it!


The key to healthy and beautiful hair always starts with the scalp. I like this line best for when I’m wearing my hair in silk presses opposed to my curly hair, so making sure my scalp is oil free to ensure my silk press is bouncy is so important. If you plan on wearing protective styles for months at a time, I would grab this shampoo to get rid of all the product build up. A little goes a long way product-wise, so you get your money’s worth with this shampoo.  


Once you’ve stripped away the oil from your hair you need to hydrate it again, so grab your hydrating shampoo to strengthen your hair before conditioning it. This shampoo still cleans your pores so if you don’t have lots of product build up you can skip the clarifying step and start with this shampoo. I liked how soft this made my curls feel and the smell is so refreshing.  


If you love a good hair mask or allowing product to sit in your hair for a minute, I recommend this deep conditioner. Not only is it thick, but you also only need 10-15 minutes under a dryer max to allow the conditioner to restore the hydration we lose by washing our hair with shampoo. This conditioner features 12 butters and oils and is silicone free.  


At first, I was confused on the difference between the deep conditioner and this treatment mask but now I get it – if you use chemicals like hair dye, perms or constantly are putting heat on your hair and have severe heat damage, it needs a little more love. That’s where this reconstructing treatment mask comes into play. Cécred has their own unique bioactive Keratin Ferment that helps heavily damaged hair. The product is slippery, so you only need a dime-sized amount for each section of your hair. If you’re having any of the issues I listed and that sounds like something you need help with, definitely give this treatment a try. 


What I love about this line is that all hair types can benefit from these products. Many women are obsessed with our hair and want to make sure we’re doing all we can to have the best quality hair our genetics allow and that can come with a lot of maintenance. The fermented rice & rose protein ritual is best used once a month to give your hair a much-needed added protein boost here and there. You get 4 sets of treatments which are supposed to last you at least 4 months. I love the peachy scent and I use this in between my protective styles while letting my scalp breathe for a few weeks.  


If you wear your hair natural 90% of the time, check out the Moisture Sealing Lotion. Since we’ll be battling with humid weather for the next couple months, if you want to avoid frizz as much as possible or hold your soft curls this lotion is lightweight and helps lock in shine and repair split ins – every naturals dream. I use this when I’m rocking buns or wash and go’s.


Learn from my heavy handed mistake – a little goes A LONG way with the nourishing hair oil. If you prefer hair oils you can apply directly to your scalp, this isn’t for you. This hair oil is meant to lightly spread throughout the final product of your hairstyle. Whether that be a silk press or twist out, only add at the end. I like that the formula is plant based and seals in all those products we’ve applied throughout styling. If your hair is on the drier side, I highly recommend giving this hair oil a try.

What’s so convenient and here just in time for vacation season is the new travel size collection! The entire foundation collection can now go with you easily and ranges from $15-$22. So even if you want to try the smaller versions before committing to the bigger sizes, you can’t go wrong.

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