12 Things You Should Know Before Moving In With Bae

Moving in with your BF or GF is a huge decision and not one you should take lightly. Sure, you guys might love hanging out a few times a week and playing sleepover, but what if being around each other 24/7 isn’t the right move?

You never know until you try — but you can take some advice from people who’ve been there. Reddit users are currently sharing what they wish they knew before moving in with bae. Here are some of their best tips.


“Living together doesn’t mean you hang out together all the time. You both need alone time and is totally ok to spend the evening pursuing your hobbies in silence or even in separate rooms.” – NSFBF


“Just go ahead and buy a king size bed. IT WILL SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP.” – ddbenson2


“People are often on much better behavior as a guest. Even if you are spending a huge amount of time in each other’s homes, it is still as a guest and as such likely make more of an effort to pick up after yourself and help out. If his or her place is a disaster, but they pick up after themselves or help out when visiting you, chances are they are just being a great guest and when living together they will bring the disaster.” – RubixRube


“Have specific together and alone activities/spaces.” – Krifantasy


“Sometimes the best nights are ones where you’re just doing your regular things together. Cuddling while reading separate books is so comfortable!” – lonewanderess


“Small things that are mildly irritating in those early days become more annoying over time, so address them early.” – SilkPenny


“Understand that there will be days, lots of days, that you may have nothing to talk about and that’s okay. Do not freak out. It’s okay.” – GrandmotherFa


“One of you is going to get mad at the other for not keeping the place clean enough.” – Kip_karo


“It is way harder to motivate to do chores when another person is also supposed to do them.” – PM_CUTE_DOG_PICS


“Have a secret stash of funds that if the relationship does go FUBAR; you won’t be stuck with your ex as the world’s most hostile roommate, sleeping on your friend’s couches or homeless until you can save up enough for another place.” – 78704grrl


“If you haven’t figured it out already, realize that arguing is perfectly healthy and normal. It’s HOW you argue that fucks shit up.” – ADTR1958


“Petsit before getting a pet together.” – wordlimit

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