When it Comes to Procrastination, There Are 4 Types of People

Chances are, there’s someone in your life who you’re envious of. Not because of their perfect hair or their rich parents, but because of the fact that they are really damn good at being good.

You know, like they go to the gym every morning and they meal-prep every week instead of splurging on an $11 salad for lunch. Maybe they even stopped using Tinder when they said they were going to delete it, whereas most people break-up and make-up with Tinder ever other week.

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But the reason they can do all that shit and you can’t isn’t because you suck. It might just be because your personality type isn’t the greatest at sticking to your personal goals.

Gretchen Rubin, a bestselling author of multiple books, such as “Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives,” explained to Business Insider about personality types and how they play into forming habits.

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Basically, there are four types of peeps, which Gretchen regularly speaks about and writes about on her blog.

1. The Upholder

The Upholder accepts rules from outsiders and from themselves. They always meet their work deadlines and if they tell themselves they’re only having one glass of wine on a weeknight, they’re sticking to one glass of wine.

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2. The Questioner

The Questioner sometimes accepts rules from outsiders and themselves, but only if it makes sense. For example, if they are going on a spring break trip and want to work out extra hard that month, they’ll go to the gym every day. But if they realize that working out every day didn’t make a big difference for them, they’ll stop working out. Same goes for outside rules. If their professor says to do the reading for a test but they know they’ll be fine without doing the reading, they won’t do it.

3. The Rebel

The Rebel says “f it” to most things. In fact, if someone tells them to do something that they already wanted to do, they probably won’t do it just because someone told them to. Same with the rules they impose on themselves. Even if they tell themselves to stop eating gluten, they’ll probs get drunk two days later and call up Domino’s.

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4. The Obliger

The Obliger follows outside rules, but not internal rules. So they have no problem tidying up the kitchen when their roommate asks them to straighten up, but they probably won’t go to the gym unless they have a trainer or a friend to meet there.

It might take a minute for you to figure out which one you are, but once you do, it might help you figure out why you can or can’t get things done — and how you can make it work.

For example, if you’re an obliger and you’re trying to stop blacking out every night but can’t seem to get it together, ask your friend to try it with you or find someone to try to keep you in check. If you’re a questioner, make sure you know the reason why you need to stop blacking out instead of just doing it for the sake of it.

Or, you know, you could just say f it, be a rebel, and never get your shit together. The choice is yours!

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