Tinder Bros Are Allegedly More Loyal Than Regular Bros

Tinder is over being stereotyped as a hook-up app. And rightfully so, I guess, since more and more people are legit getting married to their Tinder matches.

It’s a reputation Tinder itself has been trying to overcome for a while. And Tinder’s latest attempt to be regarded as a “serious” dating app comes in the form of a survey that they took of Tinder users vs. non-dating app users.

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Their findings all shone a holy light on Tinder users, claiming they’re more likely to be looking for serious relationships and they’re better at committing to long-term relationships.

Hmm…if any of you have been on Tinder (and c’mon, who hasn’t?) you may be skeptical of this.

You have a right to be sketched, because Tinder conducted this study, so it’s probs a little biased, but there could be a little truth.

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After all, if someone is on Tinder, there’s a good chance they are more likely to be looking for a serious relationship. And when you look at your own social circle, how many people do you know that claim they’re only downloading Tinder for hook-ups (or just “as a joke”) but then end up going on a zillion dates?

As for the loyalty claim, we’re not so sure.

Tinder’s sociologist explained to The New York Times that 30 percent of men who aren’t dating online say it’s “challenging to commit,” whereas only 9 percent of guys on Tinder say it’s difficult to maintain a committed relationship.

This is confusing because of the wording being used. After all, saying that it’s “challenging to commit” is a little different than saying it’s tough to maintain a committed relationship, and we don’t know how they worded this question in the survey.

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Additionally, an outside sociologist that doesn’t work for Tinder pointed out to the New York Times that the group of non-dating app users might be weirdos, and therefore can’t be compared to the group of Tinder users. Most normal people have at least tried Tinder at this point, after all.

She’s right, this survey would be more exciting if Tinder compared their users to users of other dating apps, because who isn’t on dating apps these days? It’s hard to know if the group of people not on dating apps that were surveyed by Tinder are just out of the loop or people who don’t date/hook-up at all.

Whether this survey is legit or just a fluff for Tinder’s bad reputation, feel free to send it to your friend who tells you that every dude you match with on Tinder is looking for a one night stand. Because chances are, there are some gems.

H/T: The New York Times

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