The Hills Might Get Its Own Movie — Unless Lauren Conrad Keeps Saying No

Good news: a movie adaptation about your favorite guilty pleasure show, The Hills, is in the works, EW has reported.

A source confirmed that Kristin Cavallari, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge have all been approached to do a movie and seem really into it, but the bad news is Lauren Conrad is just not feeling it, so the movie probably isn’t going to happen after all. 

Even though Kristin took over as HBIC after Lauren left The Hills in 2009, without Lauren The Hills would never have existed in the first place, so unfortunately her saying no to the movie is a deal breaker. 

Still, just in case she finally breaks down and says yes, here’s what you can expect. 

The concept for the film so far is to have the action begin in with Patridge’s wedding in Australia, which all her old friends will obviously be invited to, EW’s source says. Then, the film will somehow transition into catching up with the rest of the cast, most of whom are old and married now, so they’ll probably talk about important things like how to keep things spicy in the bedroom and which brand of baby food makes your kids the least gassy.  

They’ll also probably go to Les Deux, just for ol time’s sake, while the rest of us die and go to nostalgia heaven. 

For the love of reality relevision, Lauren Conrad, please say yes.

You’ve already agreed to do a reunion special with MTV, what’s saying yes to one money-making opportunity more? 

We’re counting on you, bb. 

Don’t let us down.

[H/T EW]


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