Lauren Conrad Is Officially Getting Her Own MTV Special

Remember how last week we told you that Lauren Conrad was getting a new MTV reality show?

Well, turns out we were wrong. She’s not getting a new show, but she is getting the next best thing: her very own MTV special.

At exactly 11 a.m. today, Lauren announced on Twitter that she’s coming out with an MTV special in August that will answer every question you’ve ever had about The Hills, but forgot about because that show’s 10 years old now.

According to an exclusive interview Lauren gave with MTV, the special will shed some light on how all of her tumultuous early days in LA led her to become the owner of several successful fashion lines and have the ability to hold down a loving relationship with a man who’s never even heard of Kristin Cavallari.

Or at least never dated her.

While she’s at it, she’ll also shed some light on some of the shows best-kept secrets, which may include the following topics: did she and Justin Bobby really hook up, did she actually did go to Paris, only the producers made her pretend like she stayed in LA because it’d make a better end to the season, and who had the bigger dick, Brody or Jason?

Obviously, you know what station we’ll be turned on to August 2.

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