The Embarrassing Reason January 8th Is “Dating Sunday”

Ugh. Dating Sunday.

It sounds like some embarrassing meet-up your mom would sign you up for after she was worried you weren’t “putting yourself out there,” but it’s not. It’s actually the day dating apps, Tinder in particular, allegedly see a big spike in swiping, and it’s coming right up.

Yep, January 8th, 2017 — this Sunday — will be this year’s “Dating Sunday.”

In 2016, there was a 10 percent boost in the number of matches made on Dating Sunday, according to a Tinder press release. They’ve predicted this year that the number will increase by 12 percent.

Other dating apps also report seeing an increase in user activity during the first few weeks of the year, according to Bustle.

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If you’re wondering why the beginning of the year is a big Tinder day, it’s because some people have some questionable New Year’s resolutions. It’s one thing to start hitting the gym on January 1st, it’s another to start spending every waking moment on Bumble so you don’t blink and miss Mr. Right.

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We’ve talked about this before, but I’ll say it again: if your New Year’s resolution is to find a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, get yourself together. If you must make a New Year’s Resolution, make one that is actually attainable and actually in your control.

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Besides, having a bae is not a milestone. Working on your personal growth and becoming more open to commitment could be a milestone, and so could vowing that you’ll go to more networking events in 2017. If you meet someone this year, cool. If not, who the fuck cares? Be too busy making money, or making yourself happy, or whatever, to care.

Although, if you’re looking to start 2017 with a hot hook-up, there’s no harm in downloading a dating app real quick.

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