You Might Be Using the Wrong Brush for Your Hair Type

As someone who has seriously struggled with their hair, finding the “right” brush was a struggle.

I needed one that battled my frizz and occasional tangles, but didn’t put strain on my fragile hair that was prone to breakage.

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An insider’s tip to prevent breakage is to brush your hair prior to showering (when it’s dry) rather than after showering, but the truth about the “perfect brush” doesn’t exist. You just need to buy the right brush for your hair type, just like how you would with shampoo and conditioner.

But if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are the best brushes for your hair type.

1. For Fine Hair: The New Yorker Brush


New Yorker Downtown Flat Brush, $15

Not only is this brush adorable, but it’s boar bristles and nylon quills help to stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils, giving hair a “finished” look.

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2. For Straightening Thick Hair: The Double S Pro


Double S Pro Straight Stylers 2-1/2″ Diameter, $11

If you have a lot of hair, straightening it all can take a ridiculous amount of time. The perpendicular bristles on this brush work to get all your hair in one shot and make straightening quicker and easier. I think we can all get on board with that. Buy this brush and watch your “get-ready” time drop down majorly.


3. For Combating Static: The Hot Flash


Marilyn Brush Hot Flash Ceramic Brush, $12

Winter hair is lit because there’s no frizz, but there is plenty of static electricity. If you constantly straighten your hair and have to deal with annoying rando shocks, try this Hot Flash brush which withstands heat from tools and has anti-static bristles.

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4. For Tangly Hair: The Flatter Me Paddle


Flatter Me Paddle Brush, $10

Use this little guy to combat your post-hook up hair. Or you know, when you wake up and realize you definitely spilled a cranberry vodka in your hair last night.


5. For Adding Volume: The Tuxedo Pro


Marilyn Tuxedo Pro Round Brush 3 1/2in, $38

This cult classic brush is designed to create volume by having short and long bristles. It’s said to work on the finest of hair, so if you’re like me and you suffer from thin, non-voluminous hair, you need to buy this brush!


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