New Hair, Who Dis?

When it comes to pop culture and politics in 2017, all bets are off.

Hair’s a little easier to figure out, though. Luckily, we’re here to show you what’s up.

Here are three gorgeous hair transformations tailor made for ’17, plus where to buy the products.


It’s a well known fact that most of us have at some point in our lives coveted a physical feature of some sort that we do not possess. The straight vs curly debate is ancient and quiet frankly, silly. Who says that you can’t drastically (and temporarily) change the texture of your hair?

Fine, straight-haired girls are often left in the dust when it comes to texture talk because curls have more fun. Get in on the action by spiraling pinkie finger-width sections of hair around a 3/8” iron.

Comb out the curls with a wide tooth comb and pump up the volume with an aerosol thickening spray, like Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Thickening Spray.



Kim Kardashian’s XX-Length hair is giving to the millennials a fresh take on the sleek look that Naomi made famous in the 90s. Don’t be suckered into spending hella coin on magical hair growing beans. Instead, get yourself some extensions and save yourself the hassle. Sew them, tape them or clip them – just go get you a pack of 24 inches and get to it.

Try Rapunzel of Sweden for a wide range of lengths and colors. Use a flat iron to knock out any kinks and top off with a light spray that offers hold and shine like Oribe’s Wave and Shine Spray.



They say that a woman that cuts her hair is a woman ready to change her life. If that is true, then a girl that changes her hair color is ready to take control of hers. A color change can be either a subtle or bold new take on your signature cut or curl. Don’t be fooled, hair color transformations can be costly and damaging when done unprofessionally. But this shouldn’t scare you off; there are other options that don’t involve compromising the integrity of your hair. Wigs are definitely the move right now.

Believe it or not, many of your favorite beauty gurus and reality stars have been on this trend all along. The versatility of wigs is a great way to protect your hair from over-styling as well. Rapunzel of Sweden offers human hair wigs that can be colored and customized flawlessly.

Models: Anna, Mariah, Sumiko

Hair by Andrita Renee Using Rapunzel of Sweden

Photography by Emma Anderson

Makeup by Michael Chua

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