These Products Changed My Thin Hair After I Thought Nothing Would Work

My hair has always been thin, there’s no doubt about it. But after being stressed and over-using a straightener my first two years of college, my hair was also damaged and short af, so I decided it was finally time to do something about it.

But the thing was, finding something to fix my hair was a lot more difficult than throwing money at “nice” products and staying away from heat treatments like the hair-dryer. I tried taking Biotin, I tried using a new brush, I tried using a shampoo and conditioner duo that my grandmother’s dermatologist recommended to her for hair loss, but nothing seemed to really work.

I had basically become resigned to the fact that I would forever be stuck with thin and non-growing hair for the rest of my days until I was rich enough to afford some serious treatment or a bunch of wigs/extensions. I spent my weekends looking at TimeHop pictures from four years ago and crying about how long my hair used to be. Complaining about my hair was my favorite pasttime while getting ready to go out.

But then I tried Kerastase’s products specifically designed for thinning hair, and I realized that I may have struck gold.

The “Densifique” line of Kerastase products is for hair that is thinning and/or lacking density, both of which definitely applied to my hair. But I had tried products for thinning hair before, and I had even tried Kerastase’s products before, so I didn’t hold my breath.

I didn’t suddenly grow a full head of hair after using the shampoo one time (lol, I wish), but after using the shampoo on a Monday, I got to mid-week and realized I hadn’t needed to wash my hair again, which was definitely a good thing considering that shampooing too often seriously harms your hair.

But the real game changer was the Densifique masque. I’d wanted to use a hair mask before, but I was lazy and didn’t want to spend money on something else that wouldn’t work, so this was my first time trying a mask.

At first, I wasn’t sure how exactly to use it, and because Kerastase is “fancy” and has shit in French, it wasn’t very helpful. I put the mask in my wet hair and then ran my hair under the shower five minutes later to wash it out. I woke up the next morning with greasy-looking hair, because I clearly hadn’t gotten all of the product out.

After searching online to educate myself about masks, I started putting the mask in my dry hair and washing it out in the shower 20 minutes later (while also washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner). That’s when I realized how seriously soft and moisturized this mask made my hair. It was like a miracle.

This past weekend, my little sister (who knows my hair struggle), commented on my Facebook photo saying “your hair looks so long and thick,” it was the best compliment I’d received in weeks.

It’s hard to tell if my hair has actually grown in the few weeks that I’ve been using the product, but my hair definitely feels healthier, can go longer without shampoo, and is also softer.

Sure, $43 is more than I’d normally like to spend on shampoo, plus $65 for the hair mask (I don’t have the conditioner, but I’m planning on getting it). But I’m stuck with my hair no matter what, and it makes sense to me to invest in it rather than investing in another pair of shoes that I can take off and forget about. The Kerastase site also offers smaller sized versions of these products, if you want to try them yourself before your splurge.

If you still need convincing that you can spend a little extra on hair care, read this. In the meantime, I’ll be closely watching my hair in hopes that it actually grows a few inches by next year, but if not at least it won’t look like I’m balding!

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