5 Healthy Hacks To Achieving Thick, Bouncy And Shiny Hair

Thick, bouncy, shiny hair. It’s the foundation for effective hair-flips and inspiring rumors that you have those locks insured for $10,000. But let’s be real, we don’t all wake up with perfectly tousled bedhead, and we definitely don’t treat our tresses with enough TLC as we should. Luckily, we’ve hacked how to fake healthy hair while you nurse it back to pristine condition. When you’re able to take a lazy night to pamper yourself, after doing a thorough shampoo to remove any residue, use a super hydrating hair mask to undo any damage from the week. We like the Aēsop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque(1), its part deep condition part tonic, with natural ingredients that not only smell amazing but also eradicate hair problems like a dry flakey scalp and brittle ends. Leave in for at least 15 minutes and rinse out for soft fresh hair that already feels a million times better than it did pre-shower. If you don’t have the luxury of time to dedicate to a mask an alternative is the Terax Rinse Out Conditioners(4). Apply them for 2 minutes after shampooing, for maintenance between deep conditioning and to put back any moisture that could be stripped during cleansing. The next step in hacking envy-inducing hair is volume and bounce. A little texture in your hair can easily hide damaged ends and add body, just make sure to keep heat styling to a minimum. Either set the heat on your curling iron low, or twist your hair into a bun or braid to get some wave sans tools. Spritz the EIMI Root Shoot Root Lifter from Wella (3), available at Beauty Brands, onto the crown of your hear and use to fingers to fluff it up to add some volume minus the use of teasing which can seriously wreck your hair. The lifted roots plus texture will help your hair seems thicker and is an easy style to maintain all day, if you feel like your hair is feeling flat throughout the day just flip your hair over and tousle the roots and shake it back out. The last step in hacking healthy looking hair is combatting frizz. Any hair goes a little crazy in humidity, but damaged hair is especially prone to frizz. Frizz is caused by the outer most layer of your hair raise, allowing moisture to pass through the strand. This gives the hairs a rough texture and undoes all the work we did to hydrate and smoothen. If you finish your look with a spray (not a hairspray!) like the RUSK Hair Care Elixir Mist(5), which not only fights frizz but adds shine and UV/Color protection, or the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist(2), a great alternative for finer hair that might be weighed down my heavy silicone based products, you can block out that halo of frizz, while adding a sheen and nourishing to combat parched hair from the inside out. So, with these tips go forth into the world and have hair so good it might inspire its own Burn Book.

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