A Stripper Reveals Which 6 Types of Dudes Hit the Club Most

Have you ever wondered what types of dudes are the ones financing all the strip clubs in our beautiful country? Maybe what types of dudes to avoid if you’re not into a bae with a strip-club addiction?

We talked to Brooklyn Ford, dancer at Rick’s Cabaret in NYC, about the six most common dudes that hit up the titty bar. Because the more you know, right?

1. The Finance Men


“It’s a New York thing, everyone works in finance,” explains Brooklyn. “This group also varies in age, reasons for attending the strip club, and intentions.”

But they’re all rich AF (and probs douchey AF too, if Leo’s character in Wolf of Wall Street is any indication).

“Whether these finance men arrive solo, in groups, for a party or a tantalizing lunch break, they all know how to spend, sweet talk, and converse about their occupation,” says Brooklyn.

Brooklyn explains that finance bros are “hesitant to speak about their wives” but also “the first to remind you how desirable you are and how their present co-workers would love to marry you.” Sound about right.

2. The Couples


Brooklyn dubs couples the “hit or miss of the stripper universe.” And we can guess it’s probs because there are tons of girls who try to be “cool” with going to a strip club with their man, but are actually anything but cool with it. Or maybe vice versa?

“Couples come in various forms,” explains Brooklyn. “From the couples who crave new excitement, to the couples where only one half is enjoying themselves, to the couples who merely want to see what the hype is all about.”

Brooklyn says she always needs to pay attention to the couple’s movements to make sure that one half of the partnership isn’t get way more excited than the other one, cuz generally that ends in a fight. Typical.

3. The BIG Spenders


“You know the typical and traditional movie scene in a strip club when singles (even 20’s) rain like a storm over an entertainer? Well, these spenders make that happen without thinking twice,” says Brooklyn.

Sounds lit.

“This group is well-known in VIP and never shy when it comes to spoiling dancers,” explains Brooklyn. “From food, excessive tips, and an abundance of praise, these are the men who make every second ever so rewarding.”

4. The Regular


Nobody wants a boyfriend who’s a regular at a strip club, do they?

“Regulars seem to be at the club more than us dancers, and we are actually employed,” jokes Brooklyn. “These individuals are exceptional lunch companions during the afternoon rush and they begin to know you better than you know yourself.”

Brooklyn explains that regulars generally go to the strip club enough for them to realize that strippers are actual human beings, which is cool since most guys don’t.

“Unlike new customers who see us as contemporary additions to their limitless fantasies, many regulars see us as ourselves which can be refreshing. Dancers become accustomed to regulars recognizing a change in their weight, hair style, demeanor, and overall growth as a stripper.”

5. The Bachelor Party


What’s a bachelor party without some bouncing titties in your face?

“These men are here to honestly have fun. In that event, money is spent, drinks are poured, and there is not a care in the world,” says Brooklyn. “It’s the guest of honor’s ‘last night of freedom’ and a dancer’s job to make this the most delightful occasion ever. I adore bachelor parties because they are usually in stellar spirits and we are expected to join their night out.”

6. The Divorcé


“To say that strippers are part time therapists would be an absolute understatement,” says Brooklyn.

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering guys can only open up when they’re feeling “manly” by throwing dollars at a chick twerking her bare ass.

“These are clients that are commonly going through a hard time or are reevaluating their lives all together,” explains Brooklyn. “We jump in to smooth out the creases and comfort them while providing entertainment on various levels.”

Pole dancing looks strenuous, but pretending to give a fuck about some dude’s feelings sounds harder.

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